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Mary WILSON ( - )

1. Mary WILSON was the child of Ewan WILSON (bef1970-aft1998) and Marianne BADNALL ( - ).

Second Generation

2. Ewan WILSON was born before 1970. He died after 1998. He was buried after 1998. He married Marianne BADNALL.


3. Marianne BADNALL was the daughter of Beecher Fiennes "Mick" BADNALL and Elizabeth Anne BROWN.


lives in Australia.


Ewan WILSON and Marianne BADNALL had the following children:


Jonathan WILSON ( - )

Anna WILSON ( - )


Mary WILSON ( - )

Third Generation

4. Beecher Fiennes "Mick" BADNALL, son of Gilbert Fiennes BADNALL and Aileen BROWN, was born in 1926. He married Elizabeth Anne BROWN in 1953. He died on 26 July 2003.


"I am a civil engineer, and it was most interesting, and surprising, to read that Richard 11 (Badnall) had been involved for a time in that profession. After qualifying at Cape Town university in '48, I worked for some years in England, the 1st 2 being with Coodes, where Hopkins' son-in-law Maurice Wilson had been a partner. His son, Fiennes, was a keen investigator of his grandfather's life, and did a lot of work in that area. " Extract of an E-Mail message from Beecher Fiennes Badnall of Vancouver, Canada dated January 1998.".


5. Elizabeth Anne BROWN has few details recorded about her. She and Beecher Fiennes "Mick" BADNALL had the following children:


Sally BADNALL ( - )

Jennifer BADNALL ( - ). Jennifer was a Teacher.


Marianne BADNALL ( - )

Bridgette BADNALL ( - )