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John WHICHCOTT of Harpswell ( - )

1. John WHICHCOTT of Harpswell, son of John WHICHCOTT ( - ) and Elizabeth TYRWHITT ( - ), married Katherine BUSSY.


Katherine BUSSY and John WHICHCOTT had the following children:


Thomas WHICHCOTT ( - )

Second Generation

2. John WHICHCOTT was A Shropshire Gentleman. He married Elizabeth TYRWHITT.


3. Elizabeth TYRWHITT was the daughter of John Tyrwhitt of Harpswell and unk ROLLESTON. She and John WHICHCOTT had the following children:



John WHICHCOTT ( - )

Third Generation

4. John Tyrwhitt of Harpswell, son of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Ketilby and Constance ST. QUINTIN, married unk ROLLESTON.


5. unk ROLLESTON has few details recorded about her. She and John Tyrwhitt of Harpswell had the following children:



Elizabeth TYRWHITT ( - )