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Mike NEUMAN ( - )

1. Mike NEUMAN, son of Jack Earl NEUMAN (1925- ) and Ruth Mary UNK ( - ), married Karren ROBERTS in September 1980.


Karren ROBERTS and Mike NEUMAN had the following children:


unk NEUMAN (1989- ). unk was born on 3 April 1989.

Second Generation

2. Jack Earl NEUMAN, son of Benjamin NEUMAN and Catherine Morrison MCLEOD, was born on 5 January 1925. He was a Sgt. in USMC in WW2. He married Ruth Mary UNK in 1945.


3. Ruth Mary UNK has few details recorded about her. She and Jack Earl NEUMAN had the following children:



Mike NEUMAN ( - )

Third Generation

4. Benjamin NEUMAN was a Lutheran Minister. He married Catherine Morrison MCLEOD.


The Neumans may have had a fourth child, Beverly, but this is unconfirmed (Mike Neuman).


5. Catherine Morrison MCLEOD, daughter of Robert A MCLEOD and Elizabeth Rushworth MURRAY, was born on 6 December 1883 in Cleveland, Ohio. She died in November 1983.


A second source claims she died in 1970: it would have been a great achievement then to have so nearly reached her 100th birthday!


Benjamin NEUMAN and Catherine Morrison MCLEOD had the following children:


Marion Ruth NEUMAN (1903- ). Marion was born on 3 December 1903.

Benjamin NEUMAN ( - )


Jack Earl NEUMAN (1925- )