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Lynne CARPENTER ( - )

1. Lynne CARPENTER, daughter of Edgar CARPENTER ( - ) and Norma STUDLEY ( - ), married unk BROWNE in 1967.


Lived in Far East, retired to Aldeburgh.


unk BROWNE and Lynne CARPENTER had the following children:


BROWNE ( - )

BROWNE ( - )

BROWNE ( - )

Second Generation

2. Edgar CARPENTER, son of James Edward Jr. CARPENTER and Hilda Maude SHIRES, married Norma STUDLEY.


Did a huge amount of research on the family, to which successive generations have been very much indebted.


3. Norma STUDLEY has few details recorded about her. She and Edgar CARPENTER had the following children:



Lynne CARPENTER ( - )

Third Generation

4. James Edward Jr. CARPENTER (also known as Edward James Jr. CARPENTER), son of James CARPENTER and Emily HURLOCK, was born in 1876 (calculated). He was a Commercial Traveller. He married Hilda Maude SHIRES in 1917.


5. Hilda Maude SHIRES was the daughter of unk SHIRES.


Was a very good pianist, and played for Vesta Victoria, who was famous for singing "Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow" and "There was I waiting at the church".


James Edward Jr. CARPENTER and Hilda Maude SHIRES had the following children:



Edgar CARPENTER ( - )

Edward G CARPENTER ( - )