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Douglas HURLOCK (1891- )

1. Douglas HURLOCK, son of Thomas HURLOCK (1862-1931) and Mary L.C. MCLARTY ( - ), was born in 1891.

Second Generation

2. Thomas HURLOCK, son of George Edmund HURLOCK and Ann CLAPSON, was born on 15 September 1862 in Limehouse. He was an Accountant. He married Mary L.C. MCLARTY on 1 February 1884 in Greenock, Renfrews, Scotland. He died in March 1931 in Potters Bar, Middlesex.


Started as:
Clothier's Assistant 1881
Slate Merchant's Clerk 1891
Accountant 1901

1891 census Commercial Road, Peckham
1901 census 22 Whitehall Gardens, Chiswick.


Source for this information is grandchild DMB.


3. Mary L.C. MCLARTY has few details recorded about her. She and Thomas HURLOCK had the following children:


Gertrude HURLOCK (1885- ). Gertrude was born in 1885.


Douglas HURLOCK (1891- )

Basil HURLOCK (1897- ). Basil was born in 1897.

Third Generation

4. George Edmund HURLOCK, son of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was baptised on 10 April 1830 in Shoreditch, St. Leonard. He was born on 19 April 1830 in Shoreditch. He was a Sanitary Inspector. He married Ann CLAPSON on 1 October 1856 in Shoreditch St.Leonard. He died in 1894. He was buried on 20 July 1894 in Bow Cemetery.


Sanitary Inspector "The Good Officer" (Article by Sandra Hurlock)

"The eldest son of George and Charlotte. As an adult, he gave his birthplace as Hoxton on one census return and as Hackney on three others but it was most likely the Hackney Road area. By the time he was four the family had moved to Deptford, then Kent/Surrey, where he grew up.

"What occupation he followed before 1856 is unknown but in that year he was appointed by the Limehouse District Board of Works to be a Street Inspector/Inspector of Nuisances, at the salary of £1.10s 0d a week. He was to remain doing this work and living in Limehouse for the rest of his life.

"On 1st October 1856 however, he was in Shoreditch at St. Leonard's again, to marry Ann Clapson, the daughter of William Clapson and Mary Diplock. Ann was born c 1829 at Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent but in 1856 had a Shoreditch address and the occupation of "druggist". her father's occupation was given as "Police Sergeant", and unlike George Hurlock Senior, he was traced to the Metropolitan Police. However, he seems to have left the Force under a cloud some years prior to the marriage. The witnesses at the wedding were Emily Hurlock, George Edmund's sister, and Walter Burgin, who was to be a colleague and friend of his for many years.

"Ann and George began their married life at Dudley Terrace, Limehouse. They were eventually to have eight children, beginning with Miriam, born in November 1857, and they moved house within Limehouse many times, living for various periods in Rhodeswell Road, Henry Street, Clemence Street, Aston Street and finally at 35 Locksley Street. It was said by their Scottish daughter-in-law Mary that if one visited them the only place to go for a walk was round the churchyard. Presumably the canalside and waterfront in that area were considered too rough, especially by those who had become used to the genteel purlieus of Chiswick. George was continuing a tradition of "policing"-type work begun by his grandfather at Billingsgate and exemplified by his father on the railway. For in 1856 Inspectors of Nuisances were a new and most personal layer of authority set over the lives of the "poor and huddled masses", although with their best interests at heart [!].

"As the population of London had grown and grown throughout the nineteenth century so the overcrowding and unhealthy living conditons had become ever worse. The 1848 Report by Hector Green on the Bethnal Green area, quoted in the chapter on Michael Hurlock, was just one of many. Medical men, Poor Law Commisioners, journalists and social reformers had presented reports and published papers in England in 1832. Water supplies, drains and sewereage were their main concerns but they included the overcrowding of dwellings and domestic cleanliness among their targets.".


5. Ann CLAPSON has few details recorded about her. She and George Edmund HURLOCK had the following children:


Miriam HURLOCK (1857- ). Miriam was born in 1857.

George William HURLOCK (1859- ). George was born in 1859.

Charlotte A. HURLOCK (1860- ). Charlotte was born in 1860.


Thomas HURLOCK (1862-1931)

Sophia HURLOCK (1864- ). Sophia was born in 1864.

Annie HURLOCK (1866- ). Annie was born in 1866.

William HURLOCK (1868- ). William was born in 1868.

Albert HURLOCK (1871- ). Albert was born in 1871.