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Patricia SHERLOCK ( - )

1. Patricia Frances Irene SHERLOCK, daughter of Victor Edward SHERLOCK ( - ) and Irene Octavia WALLER (1903-1974), married Godfrey JENNISON on 5 September 1956 in St. John's Presb., Kenton.

Second Generation

2. Victor Edward SHERLOCK married Irene Octavia WALLER on 12 October 1927 in St. George's Presbyterian Church, Willesden Lane, Brondesbury.


3. Irene Octavia WALLER, daughter of George Edward WALLER and Emily Charlotte WILLIAMS, was born on 13 January 1903. She died on 28 March 1974. She and Victor Edward SHERLOCK had the following children:



Patricia Frances Irene SHERLOCK ( - )

Barry SHERLOCK ( - )

Third Generation

4. George Edward WALLER, son of Walter E WALLER and Elizabeth GRANT, was born on 9 November 1863 in Southampton. He was an Outfitters' Manager. He married Emily Charlotte WILLIAMS in September 1885. He died on 4 February 1955.


Unfortunately no photograph of George appears to have survived. At various times of his life he worked as Clothier, Boot Warehouseman, and - by 1914 - as Outfitter's Manager. He and his wife Emily Charlotte were, in 1921, and when George was in his late fifties, termed "esteemed residents of Brondesbury [NW London]". It is not known why he left Southampton, where many previous generations of Wallers had lived, and made his home in North West London. He married a lady who had little in the way of prospects or connections, but who was known for her looks and been given the nickname "the Belle of Camberwell".

Information on George is fairly scanty, and comes mostly from census entries and from his daughter Ruby's wedding certificate.


George worked as an "Outfitter's Manager" and was later in life, together with his with wife (known as "the Belle of Camberwell") as "esteemed residents of Brondesbury (North West London).


5. Emily Charlotte WILLIAMS, daughter of Chas WILLIAMS and Emily HURLOCK, was born on 3 September 1863 in Southampton. She died on 8 February 1949.


Emily was known as "The Belle of Camberwell".


George Edward WALLER and Emily Charlotte WILLIAMS had the following children:


George E A WALLER (1886- ) (known as 'Albert'). Albert was born on 18 July 1886 in Kennington, London.

Emily Mabel "Girlie" WALLER (1888-1941). Emily was born on 13 March 1888 in Camberwell. She died on 19 May 1941. She was buried in Golders Green Crematorium.

Vivian William Hurlock WALLER (1889- ). Vivian was born on 15 November 1889 in Camberwell. He married Gwenith May BURNARD on 31 December 1913 in St. George's Presbyterian Church, Willesden Lane, Brondesbury.

Ruby Charlotte WALLER (1891-1972). Ruby was born on 21 February 1891 in Camberwell. She was an Outfitters' Manager. She married Richard John EDWARDS on 7 January 1914 in St. George's Presbyterian Church. She died in 1972.

Lilian Catherine Florence WALLER (1894-1901). Lilian was born on 4 May 1894 in Camberwell. She died on 2 September 1901.

Charles Sextus Hodsoll WALLER (1898-1983). Charles was born on 19 December 1898 in Willesden Green, London. He married Kathleen BUSFIELD on 1 October 1938 in Church of St. Albans, Golders Green. He died on 15 July 1983 in Summerlands Hospital, Yeovil.

Ernest Walter WALLER (1901- ). Ernest was born on 17 August 1901.


Irene Octavia WALLER (1903-1974)