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Eliza HOPKINS ( - )

1. Eliza Beaumont HOPKINS, daughter of John William (Jr) HOPKINS (c. 1767-1823) and Mary BRUSH (1771-1860), married John OGILVY. She married John BACCHUS.

Second Generation

2. John William (Jr) HOPKINS, son of Revd. John William HOPKINS and Mary WORRALL, was born circa 1767 in Romford. He was baptised on [Julian] 29 April 1767 in Romford. He was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. He died on 29 March 1823. He was buried in Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster. He married Mary BRUSH.


He was Captain in command of the Revenue Service, West Coast of England.


3. Mary BRUSH was born on 8 March 1771. She died on 25 December 1860 in London. She and John William (Jr) HOPKINS had the following children:


John William (III) HOPKINS ( - )

Charles HOPKINS (1796- ). Charles was born in July 1796.

Adolphus HOPKINS (1799-1855). Adolphus was born in 1799. He died in 1855.

Mary HOPKINS (1795-1852). Mary was born in 1795. She died on 20 November 1852.


Eliza Beaumont HOPKINS ( - )

Third Generation

4. Revd. John William HOPKINS (also known as [unnamed person]), son of Lieutenant?? Samuel HOPKINS Genteleman of Hayes and Susanna PRIOR, was born in 1734. He was baptised on [Julian] 20 May 1734 in St. Andrew's, Holborn, City of London. He was a Clergyman. He was a Rector of Upminster, Essex. and St.Mary's Westminster. He married Mary WORRALL on 13 February 1766 in St. Lawrence Jewry, Milk Street, London. He died in 1780 in Upminster, Essex. He was buried in Nave of the Church, Upminster (South Side).


John William Hopkins was admitted at Winchester College as of kin to the founder, 1745 (-52), and at New College, also, Dec. 9th 1752 (-66). He vacated the fellowship at New College, having married and been presented with a living in 1766.

He was chaplain of Romford, Essex (1765-1770), and later Rector of Upminster, Essex. On the 28th October 1777 he was admitted and instituted to the Rectory of the Parish Church of Strand, otherwise known as St. Marys le Strand, in the county of Middlesex..

He may also have been the vicar of Croperdy in Oxfordshire at some time during his career.


5. Mary WORRALL, daughter of Captain John WORRALL and unk UNK, was born circa 1738. She died in 1826. She married Joseph SHARPE.


A descendant, Dasha Brandt, has said: "As Mary's father died in 1760, I believe that she lived in London with her uncle & aunt in the years between her father's death in 1760 and her marriage in 1766.".


John William HOPKINS and Mary WORRALL had the following children:



John William (Jr) HOPKINS (c. 1767-1823)

Samuel HOPKINS ( - )

Margaret HOPKINS (c. 1769- ). Margaret was born circa [Julian] 1769. She was baptised circa [Julian] 29 September 1769 in Romford.

Marianne HOPKINS (c. 1772-1815). Marianne was born circa [Julian] 1772. She died on [Julian] 6 October 1815. She was buried in Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster.

Harriet HOPKINS (1773-1820). Harriet was born on 15 October 1773 in Upminster. She was born circa 1774. She married Richard Snr BADNALL on 20 June 1793 in Prestbury Parish Church, Cheshire. She died on 7 March 1820 in Leek, Staffs.. She was buried on 14 March 1820 in Family Vault, St. Edwards churchyard, Leek, Staffs..

Adolpha HOPKINS ( - )