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Petrina GOODALL (1957- )

1. Petrina Jill GOODALL, daughter of Peter GOODALL (1927- ) and Rhonwen Bulkeley WILLIAMS (1928- ), was born on 11 July 1957 in Oxford. She married Kevin Harold BANKS.


Kevin Harold BANKS and Petrina Jill GOODALL had the following children:


Peter John BANKS (1987- ). Peter was born on 8 April 1987 in Leeds, W. Yorks.

Jonathan Michael BANKS (1989- ). Jonathan was born on 26 June 1989 in Poole, Dorset.

Second Generation

2. Peter GOODALL was born on 8 February 1927 in London. He married Rhonwen Bulkeley WILLIAMS on 14 June 1942 in Chievely, Newbury.


3. Rhonwen Bulkeley WILLIAMS, daughter of Robert Arthur WILLIAMS and Winifred Baker BROWN, was born on 19 January 1928 in Sutton, Surrey. She and Peter GOODALL had the following children:


Christopher John GOODALL (1955- ). Christopher was born on 7 November 1955 in Wallingford, Berks. He married Marian Kathleen ROWE on 13 March 1982 in Cardiff.


Petrina Jill GOODALL (1957- )

Heather Janet GOODALL (1959- ). Heather was born on 9 October 1959 in Oxford. She married Jonathan Daniel NICHOLAS on 1 August 1982 in Daffield, Derbyshire.

Amanda Judith GOODALL (1961- ). Amanda was born on 8 May 1961 in Cardiff. She married Stephen John MILNE on 12 August 1987 in Daffield.

Third Generation

4. Robert Arthur WILLIAMS was born in 1882 in Caernarfon, N. Wales. He died on 23 June 1979 in Tientsin, China. He married Winifred Baker BROWN.


5. Winifred Baker BROWN, daughter of Brigadier General William Baker BROWN and Frances Kate FRENCH, was born on 12 September 1895 in Colne Engaine, Essex. She died in 1979 in Great Malvern, Worcestershire. She married Richard Launcelot Deane WOODHOUSE. She and Robert Arthur WILLIAMS had the following children:


Kathleen Bulkeley WILLIAMS (1920-1928). Kathleen was born in 1920 in Shanghai, China. She died in 1928 in at sea near Vancouver.

David William Bulkeley WILLIAMS (1922- ). David was born on 22 January 1922 in Tientsin. He married Frances Felicity LATHAM on 11 January 1947 in Eastbourne.


Rhonwen Bulkeley WILLIAMS (1928- )

Joan Winifred Bulkeley WILLIAMS (1929- ). Joan was born on 21 October 1929 in Tientsin. She married Alexander FORBES ROBERTSON on 12 April 1952 in Chieveley, Newbury.


Richard Launcelot Deane WOODHOUSE and Winifred Baker BROWN had the following children:


John WOODHOUSE (c. 1934-c. 1934). John was born circa 1934. He died circa 1934.