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Esther VINCENT (c. 1705-1773)

1. Esther VINCENT, daughter of John VINCENT ( -bef1691) and Elizabeth WITTER (bef1675-bef1707), was born circa 1705 in Bermuda. She married Samuel 2 SALTUS in 1722. She died on 28 March 1773 in Bermuda.


Samuel 2 SALTUS and Esther VINCENT had the following children:


Esther SALTUS (1723- ). Esther was born on 18 April 1723 in Southampton, Bermuda.

Samuel 3 SALTUS (1724- ). Samuel was born on 18 October 1724 in Southampton. He married on 21 April 1750 in Bermuda. He died "1784/1788".

Vincent SALTUS (1725- ). Vincent was born on 18 November 1725 in Southampton.

Whitter SALTUS (1726- ). Whitter was born on 15 December 1726 in Southampton.

Norwood SALTUS (1727- ). Norwood was born on 5 November 1727 in Southampton. He married Susanna STILES on 7 May 1750 in Bermuda.

Frances SALTUS (1730- ). Frances was born on 13 December 1730 in St Anne's Bay, Southampton, Bermuda. She married John 5 INGHAM in 1767.

Second Generation

2. John VINCENT died before 1691 in Bermuda. He married Elizabeth WITTER.


3. Elizabeth WITTER, daughter of James WITTER and Elizabeth NORWOOD, was born before 1675 in Bermuda. She died between 1691 and 1707. She married Samuel 1 SALTUS after 1691 in Bermuda. She and John VINCENT had the following children:



Esther VINCENT (c. 1705-1773)

Third Generation

4. James WITTER was born in Ireland. He married Elizabeth NORWOOD circa July 1644 in Bermuda. He died "at sea" off Virginia.


5. Elizabeth NORWOOD, daughter of Richard NORWOOD and Rachel BOUGHTON, was born circa 1627 in England. She died in April 1691 in Pembroke, Bermuda. She and James WITTER had the following children:


Thomas WITTER (bef1654-aft1675). Thomas was born before 1654 in Bermuda. He married Sarah DARRELL in 1674 in Bermuda. He died after 1675 in Bermuda.

Richard WITTER (bef1675-aft1691). Richard was born before 1675. He died after 1691.

James WITTER (bef1675-aft1691). James was born before 1675. He died after 1691.

Samuel WITTER (bef1675-aft1675). Samuel was born before 1675. He died after 1675.

Rachel WITTER (bef1675-aft1691). Rachel was born before 1675. She married Unknown HALL before 1691. She died after 1691.

Jonathan WITTER (bef1675-aft1675). Jonathan was born before 1675 in Bermuda. He died after 1675.


Elizabeth WITTER (bef1675-bef1707)