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Sarah INGHAM (c. 1684-bef1695)

1. Sarah INGHAM, daughter of Marmaduke INGHAM (1643-bef1732) and Hanna HUTCHINGS (c. 1655- ), was born circa [Julian] 1684. She was christened on 1 December 1684 in Pembroke, Bermuda. She died before 1695.

Second Generation

2. Marmaduke INGHAM, son of John 2 INGHAM and Hannah DANDO, was born in 1643 in Pembroke, Bermuda. He died between 1708 and 1732. He married Hanna HUTCHINGS.


3. Hanna HUTCHINGS, daughter of John 1 HUTCHINGS and Susanna UNKNOWN, was born circa 1655. She married Unknown COVERLEY before 1732.


She was the elder daughter.


Marmaduke INGHAM and Hanna HUTCHINGS had the following children:


Hannah INGHAM (1675- ). Hannah was born in [Julian] 1675. She was christened on 6 September 1675 in Pembroke.

John "Carpenter" INGHAM (1680-1769). John was born in November 1680. He was christened on 7 November 1680 in Pembroke. He was a Cabinet Maker. He died in December 1769. He was buried on 26 December 1769 in Bermuda.


Sarah INGHAM (c. 1684-bef1695)

Third Generation

4. John 2 INGHAM, son of John 1 INGHAM and Sarah CHANDLER, was born circa 1590. He was christened on 21 April 1590 in Farnham, Essex, England. He married Hannah DANDO on 27 December 1632 in Southampton, Bermuda. He died after 1662 in Pembroke, Bermuda.


5. Hannah DANDO, daughter of Marmaduke 1 DANDO and Joan UNKNOWN, was born circa 1614 in Bermuda. She died circa [Julian] December 1683. She was buried on 3 January 1684 in Pembroke. She and John 2 INGHAM had the following children:


John 3 INGHAM (c. 1636- ). John was born circa [Julian] 1636. He was christened on 3 April 1636 in Southampton.

Nicholas INGHAM (c. 1638- ). Nicholas was born circa [Julian] 1638. He was christened on 16 September 1638 in Southampton.

Hannah INGHAM (c. 1641- ). Hannah was born circa [Julian] 1641. She was christened on 6 June 1641 in Southampton.


Marmaduke INGHAM (1643-bef1732)

Samuel 1 INGHAM (aft1645- ). Samuel was born between 1645 and 1650 in Pembroke. He married Mary FOORD on 25 February 1674 in Pembroke.

Alice INGHAM (chr.1658). Alice was christened on 9 December 1658 in Pembroke.

Stephen INGHAM (bef1670-aft1723). Stephen was born before 1670. He died after 1723.

Benjamin INGHAM (chr.1662). Benjamin was christened on 1 March 1662 in Pembroke.


6. John 1 HUTCHINGS, son of Unknown male HUTCHINGS, was born circa 1630. He died in 1696 in Bermuda. He married Susanna UNKNOWN.


... of Pembroke Tribe.


7. Susanna UNKNOWN has few details recorded about her. She and John 1 HUTCHINGS had the following children:



Hanna HUTCHINGS (c. 1655- )

John 2 HUTCHINGS (c. 1655-bef1695). John was born circa 1655. He died before 1695.

Ruth HUTCHINGS (chr.1659). Ruth was born in Paget, Bermuda. She was christened on 17 July 1659 in Pembroke.

Susanna HUTCHINGS ( - )

Daniel HUTCHINGS ( -1725). Daniel married Sarah UNKNOWN after 1695. He died in 1725.

Joseph HUTCHINGS ( -1740). Joseph had the title 'Snr'. He married Elizabeth UNKNOWN before 1695. He died in 1740.