Thomas HODSELL ( - )

1. Thomas HODSELL was a Banker in the well-known city firm Hodsells. He appeared in the census.


Hodsoll and Sir Walter Stirling, bart. 345, Strand [1819]

Goldsmith Banker
The Sun, Strand.
William Hodsoll 1712 1770
Edward Hodsoll 1770 1776
Hodsoll & Michell 1776 1795
Hodsoll, Michell & Stirling 1795 1799

345 Strand
Hodsoll & Stirling 1799 1824
Sir. W Stirling, Stirling & Hodsoll 1824 1828.


Thomas HODSELL had the following children:



Charlotte HODSELL (1802-1882)

Second Generation

2. Charlotte HODSELL, daughter of Thomas HODSELL, was born in 1802 in St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. She married George William HURLOCK on 16 August 1825 in St. Pancras, Middlesex. She died on 19 October 1882 in St. Albans.


Family Home: the Rookery, St. Mary Cray, Kent (but see notes by Edgar White). The church opposite contains the large Hodsell family pew and the memorial tablets on the wall.


The Hodsells were connected with the Banking House of Hodsell's, Lombard Street, City, which bank merged with one of the 5 big group, possibly the Westminster Bank.


George William HURLOCK, son of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK (1765-1846) and Sarah SCOTT (c. 1760-1838), was born on 27 November 1802 in Christ Ch.Spitalfields (Shoreditch). He was baptised on 26 December 1802 in Christ Ch.Spitalfields. He appeared in the census. He was a Railway Policeman. He died on 21 October 1886 in Hertford, Herts.. He and Charlotte HODSELL had the following children:



Sophia HURLOCK (c. 1828- )


Charlotte HURLOCK (c. 1829-c. 1830)


George Edmund HURLOCK (1830-1894)


Thomas William HURLOCK (1834-1852)


Emily HURLOCK (c. 1836-bef1929)


William HURLOCK (c. 1840-1925)


Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK (1845-1936)

Third Generation

3. Sophia HURLOCK, daughter of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born circa 1828. She was baptised in July 1828 in Shoreditch, St. Leonard.


4. Charlotte HURLOCK, daughter of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born circa 1829. She died circa 1830.


died in infancy.


5. George Edmund HURLOCK, son of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was baptised on 10 April 1830 in Shoreditch. He was born on 19 April 1830 in Shoreditch. He was a Sanitary Inspector. He married Ann CLAPSON on 1 October 1856 in Shoreditch St.Leonard. He died in 1894. He was buried on 20 July 1894 in Bow Cemetery.


Sanitary Inspector "The Good Officer" (Article by Sandra Hurlock)

"The eldest son of George and Charlotte. As an adult, he gave his birthplace as Hoxton on one census return and as Hackney on three others but it was most likely the Hackney Road area. By the time he was four the family had moved to Deptford, then Kent/Surrey, where he grew up.

"What occupation he followed before 1856 is unknown but in that year he was appointed by the Limehouse District Board of Works to be a Street Inspector/Inspector of Nuisances, at the salary of £1.10s 0d a week. He was to remain doing this work and living in Limehouse for the rest of his life.

"On 1st October 1856 however, he was in Shoreditch at St. Leonard's again, to marry Ann Clapson, the daughter of William Clapson and Mary Diplock. Ann was born c 1829 at Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent but in 1856 had a Shoreditch address and the occupation of "druggist". her father's occupation was given as "Police Sergeant", and unlike George Hurlock Senior, he was traced to the Metropolitan Police. However, he seems to have left the Force under a cloud some years prior to the marriage. The witnesses at the wedding were Emily Hurlock, George Edmund's sister, and Walter Burgin, who was to be a colleague and friend of his for many years.

"Ann and George began their married life at Dudley Terrace, Limehouse. They were eventually to have eight children, beginning with Miriam, born in November 1857, and they moved house within Limehouse many times, living for various periods in Rhodeswell Road, Henry Street, Clemence Street, Aston Street and finally at 35 Locksley Street. It was said by their Scottish daughter-in-law Mary that if one visited them the only place to go for a walk was round the churchyard. Presumably the canalside and waterfront in that area were considered too rough, especially by those who had become used to the genteel purlieus of Chiswick. George was continuing a tradition of "policing"-type work begun by his grandfather at Billingsgate and exemplified by his father on the railway. For in 1856 Inspectors of Nuisances were a new and most personal layer of authority set over the lives of the "poor and huddled masses", although with their best interests at heart [!].

"As the population of London had grown and grown throughout the nineteenth century so the overcrowding and unhealthy living conditons had become ever worse. The 1848 Report by Hector Green on the Bethnal Green area, quoted in the chapter on Michael Hurlock, was just one of many. Medical men, Poor Law Commisioners, journalists and social reformers had presented reports and published papers in England in 1832. Water supplies, drains and sewereage were their main concerns but they included the overcrowding of dwellings and domestic cleanliness among their targets.".


Ann CLAPSON and George Edmund HURLOCK had the following children:



Miriam HURLOCK (1857- ). Miriam was born in 1857.


George William HURLOCK (1859- ). George was born in 1859.


Charlotte A. HURLOCK (1860- ). Charlotte was born in 1860.


Thomas HURLOCK (1862-1931). Thomas was born on 15 September 1862 in Limehouse. He was an Accountant. He married Mary L.C. MCLARTY on 1 February 1884 in Greenock, Renfrews, Scotland. He died in March 1931 in Potters Bar, Middlesex.


Sophia HURLOCK (1864- ). Sophia was born in 1864.


Annie HURLOCK (1866- ). Annie was born in 1866.


William HURLOCK (1868- ). William was born in 1868.


Albert HURLOCK (1871- ). Albert was born in 1871.


6. Thomas William HURLOCK, son of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born in 1834. He died in 1852.


Pawnbroker's assistant. Died of "fever".


7. Emily HURLOCK, daughter of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born circa 1836. She was baptised in 1836 in Deptford, St. Paul. She appeared in the census. She married Chas WILLIAMS. She died between 1920 and 1929. She married James CARPENTER.


On 1861 census, is shown as living with parents, George and Charlotte, + sister Charlotte in Deptford. Her age is given as 23 and she is unmarried. Charlotte's age is given as 16. It is in this census that her father's occupation is given as "Railway Constable".

On 1871 census, is living in Deptford St. Paul

Emily Williams c. 1843 (head)
Charles F Williams c. 1865 (son)

In this same 1871 census Emily's parents George and Charlotte are living with their son and daughter William (future mayor of St. Albans) and daughter Charlotte, + Emily's own daughter Emily C Williams. James Carpenter (presumably Emily's future husband) is also a household member, listed as an "assistant".

On 1881 census, is living with second husband James Carpenter at 3 Broadway, Deptford St. Paul.
Emily Carpenter c.1846 at Deptford St. Paul (wife)
James Carpenter c. 1849 Deptford St. Paul (head)

James EG c. 1876 Camberwell (son)
William E c. 1879 Camberwell (son)
Charles (!) c. 1865 Walworth, Surrey (this is surely Cyril) (stepson)

1891 census at 29 Church Street, Camberwell
James Carpenter (head) aged 42. (T Clothier)
Emily Carpenter (wife) aged 43 (c. 1848)

Charles Williams (stepson) aged 25 (Commercial Traveller) (London,
James Edward Carpenter (Son) aged 15 (Clothier's Assistant)
William Hy. Carpenter (Son) aged 12
Ivanhoe Hodsoll Carpenter aged 11

At the time they had one visitor, a lady from France, and one domestic servant.

On 1901 census is living at 59 Ashford Road, Willesden:
James Carpenter (head) aged 52 Clothes Draper (Lon Marylebone)
Emily Carpenter (wife) aged 60 (Deptford) (c.1841)
James E Carpenter (son) aged 25 Commercial Traveller
William H Carpenter (son) aged 22 Boot/shoe salesman
Alfred I Carpenter (son) aged 20 Budget (?) clerk

The birthplace of the three sons is given as Camberwell.


Quite possibly known as "Onez".


Emily (possibly known as Onez) was an interesting character who married twice, to Chas. Williams and then to James Carpenter. She had two children with Chas. and three with James. At the age of 15 she was apprenticed to a dressmaker, but it is doubtful whether she ever practised professionally. Apparently, she recalled walking to work in her brother's [William's] shops in Walwroth Road from the family home in Deptford.

Emily's early life seems to have been rather a chequered one. Both sons she had with James Carpenter died in France - Ivanhoe in 1916 and his elder brother, James Jr., in 1917. But the latter had married Hilda Shries and there were two sons of this marriage to sonsole Hilda and family. One of these was the late Edgar Carpenter.

It is not known what happened to Emily's first husband, but Emily definitely lied about her age at the time of her second marriage; the missing five or so years was discretely made up over the next 30 years or so - who knows whether the lie was really necessary to get Emily her second husband?!?


Chas WILLIAMS appeared in the census. He was a Plumber's Turner (1863) Licensed victualler (1865) Silk Merchant (later). He died before 1871. He and Emily HURLOCK had the following children:



Emily Charlotte WILLIAMS (1863-1949). Emily was born on 3 September 1863 in Southampton. She married George Edward WALLER in September 1885. She died on 8 February 1949.


Charles Frederick WILLIAMS (c. 1865- ). Charles was born circa 1865 in London, Newington (Walworth, Surrey - 1881 census). He was a Commercial Traveller. He married Marie Hortense COUVRAT in 1892.


James CARPENTER was born circa 1848 in Middlesex. He was a Clothier/Draper. He and Emily HURLOCK had the following children:



William H CARPENTER (1875?- ). William was born in 1875 (calculated). He was a Boot Shop (Bookshop?) salesman.


James Edward Jr. CARPENTER (1876?- ). James was born in 1876 (calculated). He was a Commercial Traveller. He married Hilda Maude SHIRES in 1917.


Alfred Ivanhoe CARPENTER (1880?- ). Alfred was born in 1880 (calculated). He was a Builder's Clerk. Bombadier. He was a Bombadier. He died in The Somme - blown up.


8. William HURLOCK, son of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born circa 1840. He was baptised on 11 January 1840 in Deptford. He married Susan MAPLES on 25 March 1864 in St. Alphege, Greenwich. He died in 1925.


".....[had a] thriving business at Walworth Road, Elephant and Castle, comprising many shops on both sides of the road being drapers, gents' outfitters, furniture, boots and shoes, etc. and well known as Hurlocks, Elephant and Castle." - Edgar White.


He became Mayor of St. Albans. During the Boer War, being a staunch liberal, he spoke against the War and the local mobs broke all the windows in Ver House, his house in St. Albans.


By repute, employed most of his family in the business "Hurlocks" which he built up on Walworth Road. Made enough money to "move out" and had a house built in St. Albans, where he became mayor. Apparently, he outlived most of his children, some of whom had various problems, including drink-related ones.


Susan MAPLES was born before 1843. She died circa 1908 in St. Albans. She and William HURLOCK had the following children:



William Edward HURLOCK (1862-1864). William was born in 1862. He died in 1864.


William Frederick HURLOCK (1865-1905). William was born in 1865. He died in 1905.


George Herbert HURLOCK (1867-1902). George was born in 1867. He died in 1902.


Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK (1868- ). Charlotte was born in 1868.


Walter Hodsell HURLOCK (1871-1902) (known as 'Lily'). Lily was born in 1871. He died on 6 February 1902.


Frederick Alban Rayner HURLOCK (1876-1913). Frederick was born in 1876. He married Emily UNK in 1900 in St. Albans. He died in 1913.


9. Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK, daughter of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born on 23 January 1845 in Greater London, Kent. She married Thomas Henry Philpot WHITE between 1871 and 1877. She died on 4 December 1936 in Worthing, Sussex.


Charlotte was allegedly scrupulously observant of the Sabbath - to the extent of refusing to read newpapers on a Monday because they had been printed on a Sunday. Her widowed father George was living with Charlotte and her husband just before the former's death in 1886.


Thomas Henry Philpot WHITE was born on 3 September 1850. He died on 29 January 1937. He and Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK had the following children:



Ernest WHITE ( - )


Katherine Charlotte WHITE (1874- ). Katherine was born in 1874. She married Charles Edgar PARNELL on 19 June 1901 in New Park Road Baptist Church, Brixton Hill.


Edgar William Hurlock WHITE (1879-1972). Edgar was born in 1879. He died in 1972.