Yeshu (c. 8-c. 33)

1. Yeshu (ben Pantera) ha-Notrzri was born circa 0008 B.C. He died circa 0033. He married Mary MAGDALENE OF BETHANY.




Mary MAGDALENE OF BETHANY was born in 0003. She died before 0100. She and Yeshu (ben Pantera) ha-Notrzri had the following children:



Joseph RAMA-THEO ( - )

Second Generation

2. Joseph RAMA-THEO was the son of Yeshu (ben Pantera) ha-Notrzri and Mary MAGDALENE OF BETHANY.


aka Josephes ha-DAVID; Bishop of SARRAS (Sarrazl Sahr-Azzah; Saraz); In myth his mother fled Judea after his father's crucifixion and Joseph founded the MEROVINGIAN dynasty.


Joseph RAMA-THEO had the following children:



Josue (Bishop) the Grail KING ( - )

Third Generation

3. Josue (Bishop) the Grail KING, son of Joseph RAMA-THEO, was a 3rd Grandmaster of the Order of the Grail.


aka Joshua II.


Josue (Bishop) the Grail KING had the following children:



Aminadab THE GRAIL KING (c. 145- ). Aminadab was born circa 0145. He was a 5th Grandmaster of the Order of the Grail.