1. Mary MAGDALENE OF BETHANY was born in 0003. She died before 0100. She married Yeshu (ben Pantera) ha-Notrzri.


Yeshu (ben Pantera) ha-Notrzri was born circa 0008 B.C. He died circa 0033. He and Mary MAGDALENE OF BETHANY had the following children:



Joseph RAMA-THEO ( - )

Second Generation

2. Joseph RAMA-THEO was the son of Yeshu (ben Pantera) ha-Notrzri and Mary MAGDALENE OF BETHANY.


aka Josephes ha-DAVID; Bishop of SARRAS (Sarrazl Sahr-Azzah; Saraz); In myth his mother fled Judea after his father's crucifixion and Joseph founded the MEROVINGIAN dynasty.


Joseph RAMA-THEO had the following children:



Josue (Bishop) the Grail KING ( - )

Third Generation

3. Josue (Bishop) the Grail KING, son of Joseph RAMA-THEO, was a 3rd Grandmaster of the Order of the Grail.


aka Joshua II.


Josue (Bishop) the Grail KING had the following children:



Aminadab THE GRAIL KING (c. 145- ). Aminadab was born circa 0145. He was a 5th Grandmaster of the Order of the Grail.