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Marianne MURRAY (1823- )

1. Marianne Oliphant MURRAY, daughter of Lord Alexander MURRAY (1780-1830) and Janet OLIPHANT (1781-1836), was born on 20 December 1823 in Ballencrief House. She married Peter Hay PATERSON on 11 April 1848.


"Memoir of the Hon. Mrs. Hay Paterson" (by Charlotte Oliphant,
> Piccadilly: Hatchards, 1880, pp. 104), from which I quote; "The
> Honourable Marianne Oliphant Murray, youngest daughter of the eighth
> Baron Elibank, was born on the 20th of December, 1823, at Ballencrief
> House, Haddingtonshire, and married, in 1848, Peter Hay Paterson, Esq.,
> of Carpow, Perthshire-the issue of that marriage being five children.".