Gwladys ( - )

1. Gwladys "The Elder" married Lucius KING OF BRITAIN.


Lucius KING OF BRITAIN, son of Coel I KING OF BRITIAN ( - ) and Daughter PRINCESS OF BRITAIN (CATUVELLAUNI) ( - ), was born in 0110. He died in 0180. He and Gwladys "The Elder" had the following children:




Second Generation

2. Gwladys PRINCESS OF BRITAIN, daughter of Lucius KING OF BRITAIN and Gwladys "The Elder", married Cadfain KING OF BRITAIN.


Princess of Britain (Silures tribe) ("The Younger")("Darerca"?).


Cadfain KING OF BRITAIN, son of Cynan of Ewyas ( - ), was a Prince of Wales. He and Gwladys PRINCESS OF BRITAIN had the following children:



Coel KING OF COLCHESTER (c. 205-aft248)

Third Generation

3. Coel KING OF COLCHESTER, son of Cadfain KING OF BRITAIN and Gwladys PRINCESS OF BRITAIN, was born circa 0205. He died after 0248. He married Strada the Fair.


"Coel Hen ap Godebog of Rheged").


Strada the Fair and Coel KING OF COLCHESTER had the following children:



Cunedd KING OF BRITAIN ( - )


Elaine ( - )