Gunnor ( - )

1. Gunnor has few details recorded about him.


Gunnor had the following children:



Earl Thorold ( - )

Second Generation

2. Earl Thorold, son of Gunnor, married Hilda.


Hilda and Earl Thorold had the following children:



Aelflyd of Northumbria ( -bef996)

Third Generation

3. Aelflyd of Northumbria, daughter of Earl Thorold and Hilda, died before 0996. She married Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH.


.. or Elgiva, or Elfleda, Thorold of Northumbria??


Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH, son of Edgar I The Peaceful KING OF THE ENGLSIH (944-975) and Elfhyrth (945-1000), was born in 0978. He married Emma de Normandie in 1002. He died on 23 April 1016. He was buried in Old St. Paul's Cathedral. He and Aelflyd of Northumbria had the following children:



Aethelstan KING OF THE ENGLISH (bef981-1014). Aethelstan was born before 0981. He died in 1014.


Edmund II Ironside KING OF THE ENGLISH (981-1016). Edmund was born in 0981. He died on 30 November 1016. He was buried in Glastonbury.


Aelgifu ( - )