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Mathilda ( - )

1. Mathilda de la Roche, daughter of Henry, Lord de la Roche ( - ) and Matilda of Limburg ( - ), married Nicholas d'Avesnes.


Nicholas d'Avesnes and Mathilda de la Roche had the following children:



Jacques D'AVESNES (1150-1191)

Second Generation

2. Jacques D'AVESNES, son of Nicholas d'Avesnes and Mathilda de la Roche, was born in 1150. He died in 1191.


Jacques D'AVESNES had the following children:



Bouchard d'Avesnes (1180-1244)

Third Generation

3. Archdeacon Bouchard d'Avesnes, son of Jacques D'AVESNES, was born in 1180. He was a Clergyman, Archdeacon of Laon. He died in 1244. He married Margaret of Hainault.


Margaret of Hainault, daughter of Baldwin VI, Count of Hainault ( - ), was born in 1202. She died in 1280. She and Bouchard d'Avesnes had the following children:



Jean I d'Avesne (1218-1257). Jean was born in 1218. He died in 1257.