Lady Margaret DESPENSER (1397-1478)

1. Lady Margaret DESPENSER was born in 1397. She died on 20 April 1478. She married Roger WENTWORTH.


Sir Roger WENTWORTH was born circa 1397 in Nettlestead, Suffolk. He died on 21 October 1452 in Nettlestead. He and Margaret DESPENSER had the following children:



Agnes WENTWORTH (c. 1414-c. 1456)

Second Generation

2. Agnes WENTWORTH, daughter of Sir Roger WENTWORTH and Lady Margaret DESPENSER, was born circa 1414 in Nettlestead, Suffolk. She married Robert CONSTABLE. She died circa 1456 in Flamborough, Yorkshire.


Robert CONSTABLE, son of Robert CONSTABLE (c. 1385-aft1441) and Agnes GASCOIGNE (c. 1389-aft1466), was born circa 1418 in Flamborough. He died on 23 May 1488 in Flamborough. He and Agnes WENTWORTH had the following children:



Agnes CONSTABLE (c. 1450- )

Third Generation

3. Agnes CONSTABLE, daughter of Robert CONSTABLE and Agnes WENTWORTH, was born circa 1450 in Flamborough, Yorkshire. She married Walter GRIFFITH.


Walter GRIFFITH and Agnes CONSTABLE had the following children:



Agnes GRIFFITH (c. 1463- ). Agnes was born circa 1463 in Burton Agnes, Yorkshire. She died in Clifton, Nottinghamshire.