Anne FOUNTAIN ( - )

1. Anne de la FOUNTAIN married Thomas MERES.


Sir Thomas MERES Knight was born in 1634. He was a Knight, MP for Lincoln. He died in 1715. He and Anne de la FOUNTAIN had the following children:



Frances MERES (1669-1733)

Second Generation

2. Frances MERES, daughter of Sir Thomas MERES Knight and Anne de la FOUNTAIN, was born in 1669. She was baptised on 2 July 1669 in St. Mary Magdalin, Lincoln. She married George WHICHCOT on 11 November 1699 in London. She was buried on 10 April 1733 in Harpswell, Lincs.. She died in August 1733.


Pl F7/2/1/13 15.7.1737 24.9.1777
Agreement by the coheirs at law to divide Sir John Meeres' estates; 15 July 1737

First Party: Dame Elizabeth Pettus of Racketh, Norfolk, widow.
Second Party: Thomas Hayley of Bedford Row, Middlesex, Esq.
Third Party: Thomas Whichcot of Harpswell, Lincolnshire, Esq.

Attested copy articles of agreement for the division of the estate of the late Sir John Meres between his three coheirs at law:cc (1) receives the mansion house and manor of Kirby Bellers, lands and premises there and at Asfordby and Stonesby, Leicestershire, and the advowsons of Kirby Bellers and Stonesby. (2) receives the manor of Scotton, Lincolnshire, lands and premises there and at East Ferry, Harwick, Sidworth, Finton and Holton and the advowson of Scotton, in the counties of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, and lands in the City of Lincoln. (3) receives the manor of Hiptoft Hall and lands and premises in Boston, Skirbeck, Kirton, Frampton, Fosdyke, Algarkirk, Sibsey, Wynthrope and Burghe, Lincolnshire; and Nonsuch House and other messuages and lands at Nonsuch in the parish of Tunbridge, Kent. The £ 8000 mortgage on the estates passing to (2) to be redeemed from Sir John Meres's personal estate. London property and fee farm rents at Tonbridge and Speldhurst, Kent to remain undivided. Schedule showing the value of the estates taken by each party and the monies paid by (1) to (2) and (3) to equalise their portions. Recites the background to the transaction, the rental income of the various estates, etc.
Examined, 24 Sept. 1777.
No. 13.


Colonel George WHICHCOT MP, of Harpswell, son of Sir William WHICHCOT of Fotherby ( -c. 1657) and Lady Margaret CLIFTON (c. 1628-c. 1697), was born in 1653. He was christened on 6 June 1653. He was baptised on 8 June 1653 in Fotherby, Lincs.. He died circa 5 September 1720. He was buried on 9 September 1720 in Harpswell. He and Frances MERES had the following children:



Thomas WHICHCOT (c. 1700-1776)


Katherine WHICHCOT (1701-1787)


John WHICHCOT (1702-1750)


Elizabeth WHICHCOT (1705-c. 1774)

Third Generation

3. Thomas WHICHCOT MP, son of Colonel George WHICHCOT MP, of Harpswell and Frances MERES, was born circa 1700. He was a Politician. He died on 30 September 1776.


4. Katherine WHICHCOT, daughter of Colonel George WHICHCOT MP, of Harpswell and Frances MERES, was born in 1701. She was baptised on 21 October 1701. She died on 4 July 1787.


5. Revd. John WHICHCOT, son of Colonel George WHICHCOT MP, of Harpswell and Frances MERES, was born on [Julian] 1 January 1702. He was a Clergyman. He died on 29 September 1750.


6. Elizabeth WHICHCOT, daughter of Colonel George WHICHCOT MP, of Harpswell and Frances MERES, was born on [Julian] 24 February 1705. She was baptised on [Julian] 20 March 1705 in Harpswell. She married William BASSETT on [Julian] 19 February 1729 in Glentworth, Lincs.. She died circa [Julian] 14 February 1774. She was buried on [Julian] 19 February 1774 in Glentworth.


the Venerable William BASSETT Archdeacon of Stow, Lincoln, son of Revd. William BASSETT (c. 1663-1729) and Lydia ADDERLY (c. 1675-1729), was born on 7 June 1703. He was a Clergyman. He died in 1765. He was buried on 13 July 1765 in Glentworth. He and Elizabeth WHICHCOT had the following children:



Frances BASSETT (1731- ). Frances was born on 22 February 1731.


Katherine BASSETT (1732- ). Katherine was born on 14 January 1732.


Elizabeth BASSETT (1734-1736). Elizabeth was born on 14 April 1734 in Glentworth. She was baptised on 16 May 1734. She died on 30 May 1736 in Glentworth.


Harriet BASSETT (1735-1736). Harriet was born on 4 November 1735. She died on 19 May 1736.


William BASSETT (c. 1737-1738). William was born circa 1737. He died on 18 November 1738.


Ann BASSETT (1739- ). Ann was born in 1739. She was baptised on 24 May 1739.


George BASSETT (1740- ). George was born on 27 September 1740. He was a Clergyman.


Lydia BASSETT (1742- ). Lydia was born on 17 February 1742. She married William MARTINDALE on 8 September 1775 in Glentworth.


Charlotte BASSETT (1743- ). Charlotte was born on 20 September 1743. She married Benjamin CODD on 17 April 1766.


Richard BASSETT (1744-1805). Richard was born on 15 September 1744 in Glentworth. He was a Gentleman, Soldier. He married Martha ARMITAGE on 1 July 1774. He died on 12 July 1805 in Glentworth. He was buried on 17 July 1805 in Glentworth.


Thomas BASSETT (1746- ). Thomas was born on [Julian] 22 January 1746 in Glentworth. He was baptised on 23 July 1746 in Glentworth.


John BASSETT (1747-1805). John was born on [Julian] 22 February 1747. He was a Clergyman. He died in 1805. He was buried on 10 January 1805.


Charles BASSETT (1749- ). Charles was born on 21 July 1749 in Glentworth. He was baptised on 21 July 1749 in Glentworth.