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Laomedon ( - )

1. Laomedon was the son of Ilus ( - ).


Laomedon had the following children:



Priam KING OF TROY ( - )

Second Generation

2. Priam KING OF TROY was the son of Laomedon.


This lineage is from the Icelandic prose Edda.


Priam KING OF TROY had the following children:



Troan ( - )

Third Generation

3. Troan, daughter of Priam KING OF TROY, married Munon KING OF TROY.


She married MÚNIÓN. Under Priam there were twelve tributary kings. One of these twelve was called Munon or Mennon. He married a daughter of Priam and had with her the son Tror.


Munon KING OF TROY and Troan had the following children:



Thor (Tror) ( - )