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John COMYN (1245-1303)

1. John II COMYN, son of John Comyn I, "The Red" Lord of Badenoch , Justiciar of Galloway ( -aft1273) and Alicia de Ros ( - ), was born in 1245. He died in 1303.


John II COMYN had the following children:



unk COMYN (c. 1272- )

Second Generation

2. unk COMYN, daughter of John II COMYN, was born circa 1272 in Badedoch, Inverness. She married Alastair MacDonnchadh, Laird of Lorn.


Alastair MacDonnchadh, Laird of Lorn, son of Eoghan MacDonnchadh, Laird of Lorn (c. 1212-1255), was born circa 1250. He died in 1311. He and unk COMYN had the following children:



King of Man EOIN MACALADAIR (c. 1292-1317)

Third Generation

3. King of Man EOIN MACALADAIR, son of Alastair MacDonnchadh, Laird of Lorn and unk COMYN, was born circa 1292. He died in 1317 in Dunstaffnage Castle, Argyll.


King of Man EOIN MACALADAIR had the following children:



Alan de Erqadia, Laird of Lorn (c. 1310-c. 1330). Alan was born circa 1310. He died circa 1330.