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1. Alan FITZFLAALD, son of Flaald (Fledaldus) Fitzalan of Dol ( - ), had the title 'Baron of Oswestry'.


As well as being the Baron of Oswestry, he was Sheriff of Shropshire.


Alan FITZFLAALD had the following children:



Walter FITZALAN (c. 1106-c. 1177)

Second Generation

2. Walter FITZALAN, son of Alan FITZFLAALD, was born circa 1106. He died circa 1177. He married Eschina de Londoniis.


1st High Steward of Scotland; (as Commander of the Household Knights, in 1164 at Renfrew defeated a large Norse army under Somerled MacGillebride, q.v.). This information is not definitive.


Eschina de Londoniis and Walter FITZALAN had the following children:



Alan FITZWALTER ( -1204)

Third Generation

3. Alan FITZWALTER, son of Walter FITZALAN and Eschina de Londoniis, died in 1204.


He was the 2nd High Steward of Scotland.


Alan FITZWALTER had the following children:



Walter FITZALAN (c. 1178-1241). Walter was born circa 1178. He died in 1241.