Alan, ( - )

1. Alan, Seneschal of Dol has few details recorded about him.


Alan, Seneschal of Dol had the following children:



Flaald (Fledaldus) Fitzalan of Dol ( - )

Second Generation

2. Flaald (Fledaldus) Fitzalan of Dol was the son of Alan, Seneschal of Dol.


Flaald (Fledaldus) Fitzalan of Dol had the following children:




Third Generation

3. Alan FITZFLAALD, son of Flaald (Fledaldus) Fitzalan of Dol, had the title 'Baron of Oswestry'.


As well as being the Baron of Oswestry, he was Sheriff of Shropshire.


Alan FITZFLAALD had the following children:



Walter FITZALAN (c. 1106-c. 1177). Walter was born circa 1106. He died circa 1177.