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Mary RUSHWORTH (1789- )

1. Mary RUSHWORTH, daughter of Edward RUSHWORTH (1755-1817) and Hon. Catharine HOLMES (1765-1829), was born on 27 May 1789. She married John Pringle DALRYMPLE on 20 December 1807 in Freshwater Church.



(i) James, who became Sir James Dalrymple,
fourth Baronet ; born 4 January 1777 ; 1 he
succeeded his uncle, Lord Hailes, in the
Baronetcy 1792, and was drowned in the
wreck of the Earl Talbot, October 1800.
(ii) John Pringle, born 28 February 1778 ; 2 died
1829. 3 He was a colonel in the Army, and
succeeded his brother as fifth Baronet in 1800.
He married, at Freshwater Church, Isle of
Wight, 28 December 1807,* Mary, second
daughter of Edward Rushworth of Farring-
don Hill, in the Isle of Wight, by the Hon.
Catherine Holmes, daughter of Lord
Holmes. 6


John Pringle DALRYMPLE was born on 28 February 1778. He was a Colonel in the Army.