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Clare BROUGHTON (1595-1648)

1. Clare BROUGHTON, daughter of Thomas BROUGHTON (c. 1545-1622) and Winifred UNK ( -1607), was born in December 1595 in Standon, Staffordshire. She was baptised on 2 December 1595 in All Saints, Standon, Staffordshire. She married Thomas BADNALL circa 1619. She died in February 1648 in Walford, Standon, Staffordshire. She was buried on 14 February 1648 in All Saints, Standon, Staffs..


Thomas BADNALL and Clare BROUGHTON had the following children:


William BADNALL (c. 1622-1700). William was born circa 1622 in Standon, Staffordshire? He was baptised on 26 December 1622 in All Saints. He married Sarah UNK circa 1658. He died in April 1700 in Stramshall, Staffs. He was buried on 30 April 1700 in St. Mary, Uttoxeter, Staffs..

Second Generation

2. Thomas BROUGHTON, son of Roger BROUGHTON and Mary UNK, was born circa 1545. He was a Gentleman. He died on 8 November 1622. He was buried in November 1622. He married Winifred UNK.


3. Winifred UNK died on 29 April 1607. She was buried in April 1607. She and Thomas BROUGHTON had the following children:



Clare BROUGHTON (1595-1648)

Third Generation

4. Roger BROUGHTON, son of Richard BROUGHTON and Catherine ASTON, was a Gentleman (of Chorlton). He died in January 1568. He was buried on 31 January 1568 in Standon, Staffs.. He married Mary UNK.


5. Mary UNK was born in Holcott, Berkshire. She died in January 1583. She was buried on 2 February 1583 in Standon. She and Roger BROUGHTON had the following children:



Thomas BROUGHTON (c. 1545-1622)