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Hannah STONES (1709- )

1. Hannah STONES, daughter of Thomas STONES of Mossborough (1731-1794) and Hannah KNIGHT ( - ), was born in 1709. She married James BROSLEY of Sidebrook, Grantham.

Second Generation

2. Thomas STONES of Mossborough (also known as [unnamed person]) was born in 1731. He died in 1794. He was buried in 1794. He married Hannah KNIGHT.


3. Hannah KNIGHT was the daughter of John KNIGHT and Mary CLARKSON of Kirton. She and Thomas STONES had the following children:


John STONES (c. 1708-1745). John was born circa 1708. He died in 1745. He was buried in 1745.


Hannah STONES (1709- )

Elizabeth STONES (1710-1770). Elizabeth was born in 1710 in Mossborough? She died in 1770. She was buried in 1770.

Thomas STONES ( -1797). Thomas died in 1797 in Lokington?. He was buried in 1797.

Third Generation

4. John KNIGHT, son of Ralph KNIGHT and Lady F DICKINSON, was born in 1648. He died in 1695. He married Mary CLARKSON.


5. Mary CLARKSON of Kirton (also known as [unnamed person]) was the daughter of William CLARKSON of Kirton. She and John KNIGHT had the following children:



Hannah KNIGHT ( - )