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Hannah KNIGHT ( - )

1. Hannah KNIGHT, daughter of John KNIGHT (1648-1695) and Mary CLARKSON of Kirton ( - ), married Thomas STONES.


Thomas STONES and Hannah KNIGHT had the following children:


John STONES (c. 1708-1745). John was born circa 1708. He died in 1745. He was buried in 1745.

Hannah STONES (1709- ). Hannah was born in 1709.

Elizabeth STONES (1710-1770). Elizabeth was born in 1710 in Mossborough? She died in 1770. She was buried in 1770.

Thomas STONES ( -1797). Thomas died in 1797 in Lokington?. He was buried in 1797.

Second Generation

2. John KNIGHT, son of Ralph KNIGHT and Lady F DICKINSON, was born in 1648. He died in 1695. He married Mary CLARKSON.


3. Mary CLARKSON of Kirton (also known as [unnamed person]) was the daughter of William CLARKSON of Kirton. She and John KNIGHT had the following children:



Hannah KNIGHT ( - )

Third Generation

4. Ralph KNIGHT, son of Ralph KNIGHT Kt. and Faith DICKINSON, married F DICKINSON.


5. Lady F DICKINSON had the title 'Lady'. She and Ralph KNIGHT had the following children:



John KNIGHT (1648-1695)


6. William CLARKSON of Kirton has few details recorded about him.


William CLARKSON had the following children:



Mary CLARKSON ( - )