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Chas. WORRALL (c. 1697-1779)

1. Chas. WORRALL, son of Henry WORRALL snr. (1648-1732) and Mary UNK (c. 1660-1718), was born circa [Julian] 1697. He died on [Julian] 15 March 1779. He married Mary UNK.


(is probably in the right place on the tree!). Charles is the ancestor of Dasha Brandt.


Mary UNK and Chas. WORRALL had the following children:


John WORRALL ( - )

Second Generation

2. Henry WORRALL snr. was born in [Julian] 1648. He died on [Julian] 13 April 1732. He was buried in St. Bartholomew's Church, Wilmslow. He married Mary UNK.


... of Styall.


3. Mary UNK was born circa [Julian] 1660. She died on [Julian] 8 April 1718. She and Henry WORRALL had the following children:


John WORRALL (1682-c. 1760). John was born in 1682. He was a Captain in the Army. He died circa September 1760 in Pownall Hall, Wilmslow.

Elizabeth WORRALL ( -1721). Elizabeth died on [Julian] 26 June 1721.

Henry jnr. WORRALL ( -1734). Henry died on [Julian] 2 October 1734.


Chas. WORRALL (c. 1697-1779)