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John WORRALL ( - )

1. John WORRALL, son of Chas. WORRALL (c. 1697-1779) and Mary UNK (c. 1699-1764), married John WORRALL.

Second Generation

2. Chas. WORRALL, son of Henry WORRALL snr. and Mary UNK, was born circa [Julian] 1697. He died on [Julian] 15 March 1779. He married Mary UNK.


(is probably in the right place on the tree!). Charles is the ancestor of Dasha Brandt.


3. Mary UNK was born circa [Julian] 1699. She died on [Julian] 2 June 1764. She and Chas. WORRALL had the following children:



John WORRALL ( - )

Third Generation

4. Henry WORRALL snr. was born in [Julian] 1648. He died on [Julian] 13 April 1732. He was buried in St. Bartholomew's Church, Wilmslow. He married Mary UNK.


... of Styall.


5. Mary UNK was born circa [Julian] 1660. She died on [Julian] 8 April 1718. She and Henry WORRALL had the following children:


John WORRALL (1682-c. 1760). John was born in 1682. He was a Captain in the Army. He died circa September 1760 in Pownall Hall, Wilmslow.

Elizabeth WORRALL ( -1721). Elizabeth died on [Julian] 26 June 1721.

Henry jnr. WORRALL ( -1734). Henry died on [Julian] 2 October 1734.


Chas. WORRALL (c. 1697-1779)