King Enrique ( -1271)

1. King Enrique I (III) had the title 'Rey de Navarre'. He appeared in the census. He died in 1271. He married Blanche D'ARTOIS.


Isabella's maternal grandfather was King Enrique I of Navarre, known in Spanish as Enrique el Gordo, in French as Henri le Gros, and in English as Henry the Fat. He was born around 1244 as the second son of King Thibaut/Teobaldo I of Navarre, who died in 1253. Enrique's elder brother, born abut 1238, reigned from 1253 to 1270 as Teobaldo II, and was married to Louis IX's daughter Isabelle. King Teobaldo II died childless on 4 December 1270 at Trapani, on his return from the ill-fated Eighth Crusade to Tunis, and was succeeded by Enrique.

Enrique, King of Navarre, Count of Champagne, Brie and Bigorre, married Louis IX's niece Blanche of Artois around 1269. They had a son, Thibaut, also known as infante don Teobaldo de Navarra, who died as a baby after he was dropped from the battlements of the castle of Estella by his nurse in 1273. Enrique also had an illegitimate son, don Juan Enr¨ªquez de Lacarra, who lived until 1323; however, his heir was his only surviving legitimate child, Queen Jeanne.


Blanche D'ARTOIS and Enrique I (III) had the following children:


Jeanne I (of Navarre) (c. 1271-1305). Jeanne was born circa 1271. She had the title 'Reina de Navarre'. She appeared in the census. She died on [Julian] 2 April 1305.