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Edward KING OF ENGLAND (1312-1377)

1. Edward III KING OF ENGLAND, son of Edward II KING OF ENGLAND of Caernarfon (1284-1327) and Isabelle de France (aft1292- ), was born on 13 November 1312. He had the title 'King of England'. He died in 1377. He married Philippa de Hainault.


Edward III (1312-1377), became king of England in 1327. He succeeded his father, Edward II, and belonged to the Plantagenet family of English rulers. In the 1330's, Edward invaded Scotland. He won victories there but could not crush the Scottish spirit of independence.

Edward's forces won the Battle of Crecy in what is now the Normandy region of France. This conflict was the first major battle between France and England in the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453). Edward claimed to be the rightful king of France, and he conquered much of that country. He paid for the war by introducing an efficient system of taxing imports. In the last few years of his reign, Edward failed to provide vigorous leadership. The French recovered some of their land, and Edward's popularity declined. Even so, he was long remembered as an ideal king and a fine soldier. Edward was born in Windsor, near London.


Philippa de Hainault and Edward III KING OF ENGLAND had the following children:


Edward, the Black Prince (1330-1376). Edward, was born in 1330. He died in 1376.

Lionel of Antwerp DUKE OF CLARENCE (1338-1368). Lionel was born on 29 November 1338 in Antwerp, Holland. He died on 7 October 1368 in Alba, Italy.

John of Gaunt DUKE OF LANCASTER (1340-1399). John was born in March 1340. He had the title 'Duke of Lancaster'. He married Katherine ROET in 1396. He died on [Julian] 3 February 1399.

Second Generation

2. Edward II KING OF ENGLAND of Caernarfon, son of Edward I KING OF ENGLAND and Eleanor of Castile, was born on [Julian] 25 April 1284. He had the title 'King of England'. He died on [Julian] 21 September 1327. He married Isabelle de France.


3. Isabelle de France, daughter of King Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE and Queen Jeanne I (of Navarre), was born between 1292 and 1295. She and Edward II KING OF ENGLAND had the following children:



Edward III KING OF ENGLAND (1312-1377)

Third Generation

4. Edward I KING OF ENGLAND, son of Henry III KING OF ENGLAND and Eleanor de Provence, was born on [Julian] 17 June 1239 in Palace of Westminster. He was a Monarch. He married Eleanor of Castile in December 1254. He died on [Julian] 7 July 1307 in Burgh on Sands, Scotland. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.


5. Eleanor of Castile was born in [Julian] 1240. She died on [Julian] 24 November 1290 in Harby, Notts.. She and Edward I KING OF ENGLAND had the following children:



Edward II KING OF ENGLAND (1284-1327)


6. King Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE, son of Philippe III ROI DE FRANCE and Isabel de ARAGON, was born circa 1268. He had the title 'Roi de France'. He appeared in the census. He died on [Julian] 29 November 1314. He married Jeanne I (of Navarre).


Philip's enemy the Bishop of Pamiers memorably said of him "he is neither a man nor a beast, but a statue." He is most famous for his destruction of the Knights Templar; what is not widely known is that the Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was Queen Isabella's godfather. De Molay was burned alive on 18 March 1314, on an island in the Seine, in Paris. Supposedly, he cursed Philip IV and Pope Clement V, who had aided Philip in the Templars' destruction, and summoned them to appear before God within a year. Clement V died a month and two days later. Philip IV himself was dead before the year was out.

He died while hunting on 29 November 1314, aged only forty-six, after a reign of twenty-nine years.


7. Queen Jeanne I (of Navarre), daughter of King Enrique I (III) and Blanche D'ARTOIS, was born circa 1271. She had the title 'Reina de Navarre'. She appeared in the census. She died on [Julian] 2 April 1305.


As the greatest heiress of the age, she was much in demand as a marriage partner. On 30 November 1273, Edward I of England arranged with her father King Enrique that she would marry his second son Henry, then five, with his brother Alfonso, just a few days old at the time of the arrangement, as the 'substitute' in the case of Henry's demise. However, the sudden death of Jeanne's father in July 1274 put paid to the alliance between Navarre and England, and Jeanne was subsequently betrothed to 'one of the sons' of Philip III of France. She grew up with them at Vincennes, and married the future Philip IV on 16 August 1284, aged between eleven and thirteen.
[Edward II had three older brothers, John, Henry and Alfonso, who all died young, in 1271, 1274 and 1284 respectively.]

Jeanne and Philip evidently enjoyed a close relationship, and in 1294, Philip named her Regent of France in case he died before their sons came of age. Although Philip ruled Navarre in right of his wife, Jeanne herself governed her county of Champagne. In 1304, she founded the Coll¨¨ge de Navarre in Paris, one of the colleges of the university of Paris. It was suppressed at the time of the French Revolution.

I've seen several references to the fact that Queen Jeanne raised an army and led her troops against Henri III, Count of Bar (husband of Edward II's eldest sister Eleanor) when he invaded her lands, but I can't find any details. Allegedly, she also kept him prisoner. When this is meant to have happened, I don't know, but doesn't it seem highly unlikely that a woman would lead troops into battle - a high-born woman at that?

Jeanne/Juana, Queen of France, Queen of Navarre in her own right, Countess of Champagne, Brie and Bigorre, died on 2 or 4 April 1305, still in her early thirties, and was buried at the Couvent des Cordeliers in Paris. She was succeeded in Navarre by her eldest son, King Luis I, later Louis X of France, who was fifteen and a half - he and his brothers united the thrones of France and Navarre for a time.


Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE and Jeanne I (of Navarre) had the following children:



Isabelle de France (aft1292- )