Blanche SCOTT ( - )

1. Blanche Alice SCOTT married Montolieu Fox OLIPHANT-MURRAY.


Montolieu Fox OLIPHANT-MURRAY and Blanche Alice SCOTT had the following children:


Evelyn Izme MURRAY ( - )

Alexander William Charles Oliphant MURRAY (1870-1920). Alexander was born in 1870. He had the title 'Rt. Hon. Alexander William Charles Oliphant Murray, The Master of Elibank, later 1st Baron Murray of Elibank'. He was a Comptroller of HM's Household 1906-1909; Chief Liberal Whip 1909-1910; Under Secretary of State for India 1909-1910; Patronage Secretary to the Treasury 1910-1912; Partner with Lord Cowdray in the firm of S. Pearson and Son. Ltd. He died in 1920.

Gideon MURRAY (1877-1951). Gideon was born in 1877. He was a Politician. He had the title '11th Baron Elibank, 2nd Viscount Elibank'. He married Ermine Mary Katherine MADDOCKS on 23 January 1908. He died in 1951.

Arthur Cecil MURRAY (1879-1962). Arthur was born in 1879. He had the title '12th Baron Elibank, 3rd Viscount Elibank'. He died in 1962.