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William (c. 1040- )

1. William "Algernon" de Percy, son of William de Percy ( - ) and Emma de PORT ( - ), was born circa 1040. He married Emma de Port before 1088. He was buried in Mount Joy, near Jerusalem.


In 1070 he was engaged on works connected with the rebuilding of York Castle after its destruction by the Danes and in 1072 he took part in the Conquerors expedition to Scotland.

In 1096 he set out on the first crusade and died and was buried at Mount Joy near Jerusalem. Following Williams dying wishes Sirralph Eversly a Knight carried his heart back to England and it was buried at Whitby Abbey.


Emma de Port and William "Algernon" de Percy had the following children:


William de PERCY ( - )

Second Generation

2. William de Percy married Emma de PORT.


3. Emma de PORT was the daughter of Hugh de PORT. She and William de Percy had the following children:



William "Algernon" de Percy (c. 1040- )

Alan de Percy ( - )

Third Generation

4. Hugh de PORT has few details recorded about him.


Hugh de PORT had the following children:



Emma de PORT ( - )