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Wynyfride THOROLD ( - )

1. Wynyfride THOROLD, daughter of Sir Anthony THOROLD of Marston ( - ) and Anne CONSTABLE ( - ), married George CLIFTON.


George CLIFTON and Wynyfride THOROLD had the following children:


Gervase CLIFTON (c. 1588-1666). Gervase was born circa March 1588. He married Frances CLIFFORD on 7 September 1613. He died in 1666.

Second Generation

2. Sir Anthony THOROLD of Marston was a Sheriff of Lincolnshire. He married Anne CONSTABLE.


3. Anne CONSTABLE was the daughter of Sir John CONSTABLE and Jane SOTHEL.


A stone dated 1611 refers to her as "the most loving and careful grandmother of Sir Gervase Clifton, Kt., and Bart.(the Great), who laid the same, for her piety and exemplary virtue worthy to be had in perpetual remembrance." It was well for him that she was available, for he came into the title and estates in 1587 at the age of four months, without a Clifton relative in the world, the sole hope of the family.


Anthony THOROLD and Anne CONSTABLE had the following children:



Wynyfride THOROLD ( - )

Third Generation

4. Sir John CONSTABLE married Jane SOTHEL.


5. Jane SOTHEL was born in Ithel, Yorkshire. She and John CONSTABLE had the following children:



Anne CONSTABLE ( - )