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William MURRAY (1866-1937)

1. William Harry Elibank MURRAY, son of James Pulteney MURRAY (1833-1874) and Henrietta Victoria BLAKISTON (1837-1918), was born on 5 December 1866 in Gosport, Hants. He was a Merchant, Seaman. He married Bertha Delamore BROUGHAM on 14 December 1892. He died on 28 September 1937 in New South Wales, Australia.


"AUS-NSW-WEST Mailing List Homestead Leases 1897"
"MURRAY William Harry Elibank Walgett Nth - Finch - Dungalear, Euminbah 2560 4 97-4 .... 97-6795 Refused" - whatever this means!


Bertha Delamore BROUGHAM and William Harry Elibank MURRAY had the following children:


Rita Lindsey MURRAY (1895- ). Rita was born on 27 April 1895. She married John Frederick WYLY in 1917.

Douglas Elibank MURRAY (1898-1989). Douglas was born on 6 November 1898 in New South Wales. He died on 1 November 1989 in New South Wales.

Mabel de Vaux MURRAY (1900-1938). Mabel was born on 16 November 1900 in New South Wales. She died on 9 November 1938 in Sydney.

Second Generation

2. James Pulteney MURRAY, son of James Edward Ferguson MURRAY and Katherine Jane SLAUGHTER, was born on 8 June 1833. He married Henrietta Victoria BLAKISTON on 11 September 1862 in Paddington, London. He died on 21 August 1874.


3. Henrietta Victoria BLAKISTON was born on 24 June 1837. She died on 14 February 1918 in Bath. She and James Pulteney MURRAY had the following children:


Georgina Maria MURRAY (1864-1939). Georgina was born on 23 April 1864 in Barnstaple. She died on 15 August 1939 in Leamington Spa.

James Arthur MURRAY (1865-1940). James was born on 16 October 1865 in Gosport, Hants. He had the title 'Rev'. He was a Priest. He died on 21 December 1940 in Leamington Spa.


William Harry Elibank MURRAY (1866-1937)

Edward Rushforth Blakiston MURRAY (1868-1942). Edward was born on 7 December 1868 in Kingstown, Dublin. He was a Soldier. He married Hilda Dorothea PAUL on 15 August 1905 in Loughborough. He died on 27 April 1942 in Bath.

Henrietta MURRAY (1870-1959). Henrietta was born on 18 April 1870 in Castleknock, Ireland. She died on 28 January 1959 in Burnham on Sea.

Third Generation

4. James Edward Ferguson MURRAY, son of Major General James Patrick 2 MURRAY and Elizabeth RUSHWORTH, was born on 19 April 1806 in Clonmell, Tipperary, Ireland. He was a Lieutenant in the Navy. He married Katherine Jane SLAUGHTER on 15 December 1830 in Sandwich, Kent, England. He died on 17 July 1834 in Athlone, Ireland.


Privately baptised in Ireland, and publicly baptised at Freshwater Church in the Isle of Wight on 18th November 1806. Sponsors were Edward Rushworth (his grandfather), James Ferguson of Pitfour (a descendant of Gen. James' sister Anne), Miss Mary Rushworth (his aunt and later Mrs Dalrymple) and Mrs Henry Hodges (his aunt, formerly Cordelia Murray).

Married on 15th December 1830 Katherine Jane Slaughter of Sandwich ,Kent.

Died 16th July 1839 at Athlone ,Ireland (aged 33) and is buried next to his father in Benowen churchyard, co. Westmeath.

JEFM was the second child and eldest son of James Patrick Murray and grandson of the Hon Gen. James Murray. Little is known of his education or of his career other than that he was in the Navy and was a Lieutenant RN in the coast guard stationed in Ireland. Nor is there any record of why he died so early in life.


5. Katherine Jane SLAUGHTER died on 22 July 1836 in Donegal, Ireland.


... of Sandwich, Kent. Neither is much known about his wife Katherine who tragically died in childbirth on 22 July 1836 (probably aged less than 30). Katherine was buried in Carlington Churchyard, Ireland. The baby christened Jane Browning Murray died the following May 1937 in the care of her grandmother, Elizabeth, and is buried in Benowen churchyard.


James Edward Ferguson MURRAY and Katherine Jane SLAUGHTER had the following children:


Georgina Maria MURRAY (1831-1855). Georgina was born on 14 October 1831 in Kent, England. She married unk YOUNG on 15 January 1854 in Kilkenny. She died on 16 December 1855 in Ireland.


James Pulteney MURRAY (1833-1874)

Katherine Elizabeth MURRAY (1834-1893). Katherine was born on 6 December 1834 in Donegal. She married Thomas MAHON on 30 August 1855 in Kilkenny. She died on 20 March 1893 in South Brent, Devon.