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Isabel VIPONT (c. 1254- )

1. Isabel de VIPONT (also known as Lady of APPLEBY), daughter of Robert de VIPONT ( - ) and Isabel FITZJOHN ( - ), was born circa 1254. She married Roger CLIFFORD.


Roger CLIFFORD and Isabel de VIPONT had the following children:


Robert, Lord CLIFFORD (1274-1314). Robert, was born in 1274. He had the title '1st Lord Clifford'. He married Maud de Clare on 13 November 1295. He died on 24 June 1314 in Battle of Bannockburn.

Second Generation

2. Robert de VIPONT married Isabel FITZJOHN.


3. Isabel FITZJOHN has few details recorded about her. She and Robert de VIPONT had the following children:



Isabel de VIPONT (c. 1254- )