Maud ( - )

1. Maud de Clare (also known as Maud de CLARE) married Robert, Lord CLIFFORD on 13 November 1295.


She was born into a high noble family, the Clares, Earls of Gloucester.


Robert, Lord CLIFFORD and Maud de Clare had the following children:


Idonia de CLIFFORD (c. 1300-1365). Idonia was born circa 1300. She died on 24 August 1365.

Idoine CLIFFORD ( - )

Roger CLIFFORD ( - ). Roger had the title '2nd Lord Clifford'.

Robert CLIFFORD (1305-1344). Robert was born on 5 May 1305. He had the title '3rd Lord Clifford'. He married Isabel BERKELEY in June 1328 in Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire. He died on 20 May 1344.