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William HIESMES ( - )

1. William HIESMES, son of Richard I of NORMANDY (933-996) and Gunnor DE CREPON (c. 936-1031), had the title '1st Count of Eu'. He married Lesseline de Harcourt.


Lesseline de Harcourt and William HIESMES had the following children:



Second Generation

2. Richard I of NORMANDY (also known as [unnamed person]), son of Guillaume I "Longsword" 2ND DUC DE NORMANDIE and Sprote de Bretagne (Sprota Adela de Senlis), was born on 28 August 0933 in Fecamp, Normandy. He was born on [Julian] 28 August 0933 in Fecamp, France. He had the title '3rd Duke of Normandy'. He died on 20 November 0996 in Fecamp. He died on [Julian] 20 November 0996 in Fecamp. He was buried in Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France. He married Gunnor DE CREPON.


The line to the dukes of Normandy comes through Isabel St. Liz, and the line to Charlemagne comes through her husband, William Mauduit. The lines merge again with the marriage of Richard I, Duke of Normandy, and Emma, daughter of Hugh, who was -in all but name- King of France. His son, Hugh Capet, later assumed the title, and primogeniture began in the French line of kings.

The two lines met again later with the marriage of Adele, daughter of King Robert II, and Richard III, Duke of Normandy. Richard I, "the Fearless"; named father's heir 29 May 942. Married first (Danish wife) Gunnora but betrothed ca. 945 and eventually married 960 to Emma. Richard was betrothed to Emma for some time but did not marry her until about 960, after the death of her father, Hugh the Great, in 956. Richard was the guardian of Hugh's son, the Duke of Paris, and eventually married Emma to strengthen his position. He did not treat her unkindly, he merely loved Gunnora. Poor Emma passed her life at Rouen alone and solitary, and eventually she pined away and died about the year 962. After Emma's death he married (Christian marriage) Gunnora to legitimize their children.


3. Gunnor DE CREPON was born circa [Julian] 0936. She died in [Julian] 1031. She and Richard I of NORMANDY had the following children:


Richard II 4TH DUC DE NORMANDIE (c. 963-1027). Richard was born circa [Julian] 0963 in Normandie. He died on [Julian] 28 August 1027 in Normandie.

Emma de Normandie (986-1052). Emma was born in 0986. She married Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH in 1002. She died on 6 March 1052 in Winchester.


William HIESMES ( - )

Third Generation

4. Guillaume I "Longsword" 2ND DUC DE NORMANDIE, son of Rollo Ragnvaldsson 1ST DUC DE NORMANDIE and Poppa de Normandie de Valois, was born in 0893. He had the title 'Duque de Aquitania'. He died on 17 December 0943. He married Sprote de Bretagne (Sprota Adela de Senlis).


His nick name was William Longsword. He sought continually to expand his territories either by conquest or by exacting new lands from the French king for the price of homage. In 939 he allied himself with Hugh the Great in the revolt against King Louis IV. Through the mediation of the pope, the war ended, and Louis renewed William's investiture of Normandy. William, however, continued his territorial ambitions, especially northward. He was lured into a conference on an island in the Somme River in 942 and was assassinated on the orders of the count of Flanders, Arnulf I.


5. Sprote de Bretagne (Sprota Adela de Senlis) was born on 28 August 0933 in Fecamp, Normandy. She and Guillaume I "Longsword" 2ND DUC DE NORMANDIE had the following children:



Richard I of NORMANDY (933-996)