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Theobald (1200-1230)

1. Theobald le Botiller (also known as Theobald BUTLER), son of Theobald Walter, 1st Baron Butler ( - ) and Maude le Vavasour ( - ), was born in January 1200 in Norfolk, East Anglia. He had the title '2nd Baron Butler'. He died on 19 July 1230 in Poitou, France. He was buried in Abbey of Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland. He married Rhese de VERDON.


Theobald le Botiller, also known as Theobald Butler, 2nd Baron Butler (January, 1200 – July 19, 1230) was the son of Theobald Walter, 1st Baron Butler and Maud le Vavasour. He was born in Norfolk, East Anglia, England. He had livery of his lands on 2 July 1221.

After the death of his first wife Joan de Mareis, Theobald remained a widower. Henry III of England requested the marriage of Theobald to Rohese de Verdon, daughter of Nicholas de Verdon of Alton, Staffordshire and Clemence. The agreement to marry occurred on 4 September 1225. The marriage is presumed to have shortly followed. This was the second marriage for both Theobald and Rohese.

Theobald was summoned cum equis et armis (Latin: "with horse and arms") to attend the King into Brittany, as "Theobaldus Pincerna" on 26 October 1229. He died on 19 July 1230 in Poitou, France, at the age of 30. Theobald, 2nd Baron Butler, was buried in the Abbey of Arklow, County Wicklow, Leinster, Ireland.

His daughter, Maude le Botiller, was married to John FitzAlan, 6th Earl of Arundel and was mother of John FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel.


Rhese de VERDON and Theobald le Botiller had the following children:


Maude le Botiller ( - )

Second Generation

2. Theobald Walter, 1st Baron Butler married Joan de Mareis. He married Maude le Vavasour.


3. Maude le Vavasour has few details recorded about her. She and Theobald Walter, 1st Baron Butler had the following children:



Theobald le Botiller (1200-1230)