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Phyllis SAMUELSON ( - )

1. Phyllis Mary SAMUELSON was the daughter of Francis Arthur Edward SAMUELSON Bart. (1861-1946) and Fanny Isabel WRIGHT ( - ).

Second Generation

2. Francis Arthur Edward SAMUELSON Bart., son of Sir Bernhard SAMUELSON of Bodicote Grange, co. Oxford, FRS, JP and Caroline BLUNDELL, was born on 26 February 1861 in Torquay, Devon. He had the title '3rd Baronet'. He was a Businessman. He died in 1946. He married Fanny Isabel WRIGHT.


The 1891 census for Sockburn, Darlington, gives FAES as an "Ironmaster". He has a daughter listed as Gertrude: could this be Muriel Gertrude??


3. Fanny Isabel WRIGHT was the daughter of William Merritt WRIGHT.


... of St. John, New Brunswick.


Francis Arthur Edward SAMUELSON and Fanny Isabel WRIGHT had the following children:


Muriel Gertrude SAMUELSON ( -1977). Muriel was an Artist. She married Bassett Fitzgerald WILSON on 24 April 1915. She died in October 1977.

Francis Henry Bernhard SAMUELSON (1890- ). Francis was born on 22 February 1890.


Phyllis Mary SAMUELSON ( - )

Third Generation

4. Sir Bernhard SAMUELSON of Bodicote Grange, co. Oxford, FRS, JP, son of Samuel Henry SAMUELSON of Liverpool and Sarah HERTZ, was born in 1881. He had the title 'First Baronet (1884)'. He was a MP for Banbury. He married Lelia Mathilda SERENA on 6 April 1889. He married Caroline BLUNDELL.



so cr 29 July 1884, PC, JP (Oxon)
CA Oxen, FRS, MP (lib) Banbury 1859 and 1865-85 and Oxon N 1885-1895
Founder & Chairman Sir B Samuelson and Co. of Middlesborough
Chairman Roy Common Technical Instruction 1881

Birth Year, 1881 Census says 1821
Burkes Peerage says 22 Nov 1820

Occupation: 1881, MP, Ironmaster12


5. Caroline BLUNDELL, daughter of Henry BLUNDELL, died on 16 April 1886. She and Bernhard SAMUELSON had the following children:


Henry Bernhard SAMUELSON (1845- ). Henry was born on 30 September 1845. He was a Soldier, JP. He married Emily Maria GOODDEN on 7 July 1874.


Francis Arthur Edward SAMUELSON (1861-1946)

Godfrey Blundell SAMUELSON (1863- ). Godfrey was born on 3 June 1863.

Herbert Walter SAMUELSON (1865- ). Herbert was born on 23 January 1865.


6. William Merritt WRIGHT has few details recorded about him.


.. of St. John, New Brunswick.


William Merritt WRIGHT had the following children:



Fanny Isabel WRIGHT ( - )