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Edward RUSHWORTH DAV, AMG (1818-1877)

1. Edward Everard RUSHWORTH DAV, AMG, son of Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH (1791- ) and Mary Elizabeth UNK ( - ), was born on 23 August 1818. He was a Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. He died on 10 August 1877 in Shortwood, Jamaica. He married Amelia Adelaide NELSON.


Amelia Adelaide NELSON and Edward Everard RUSHWORTH had the following children:


Rosamond Linda RUSHWORTH ( - )

Second Generation

2. Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH, son of Edward RUSHWORTH and Hon. Catharine HOLMES, was born on 23 February 1791. He married Mary Elizabeth UNK.


St James's Church, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England:

In memory of Edward Everard Rushworth DAV, AMG, Lieut. Governor of Jamaica, edest son of Charles Powlett and Mary Elizabeth Rushworth of farringford, Freshwater, born August 23rd 1818, died August 10th 1877 at Shortwood, Jamaica, and Amelia Adelaide his wife, daughter of Horatio Nelson de Les Derniers Edqr. of Vaudreuil, Lower Canada, died August 20th 1867. This tablet is erected by their daughter Rosamond Linda, wife of revd. Cecil Evan Smith, Rector of Titsey, Surrey. Also in memory of her brother, Charles Edward Rushworth, Midshipman HMS Agincourt, born August 6th 1859, accidentally drowned in Besika Bay, December 21st 1877 while saving the life of a member of the crew.


3. Mary Elizabeth UNK has few details recorded about her. She and Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH had the following children:



Edward Everard RUSHWORTH (1818-1877)

Charles Edward RUSHWORTH ( -1877). Charles was a Sailor. He died on 21 December 1877 in Besika Bay.

Third Generation

4. Edward RUSHWORTH, son of John RUSHWORTH and Sarah MAYNE, was born on 17 October 1755. He was baptised on 2 January 1756 in Kingston Church, Portsea. He appeared in the census. He was a Churchman, Member of Parliament. He married Catharine HOLMES on 28 August 1780 in Calbourne, Isle of Wight. He died on 15 October 1817. He was buried in He lies buried in the family vault near to his wife.


Edward Rushworth of Freshwater House, Isle of Wight.

Edward, was without a break the MP for either Newport or Yarmouth from 1784 until 1797.

Edward Rushworth was a Founders' Kin Scholar of Winchester College (and a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxon). He took Deacon's Orders in the Church, and was afterwards MP for Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, and Recorder of Newport. He built Farringford and resided there (it is now the residence of Lord Tennyson). He was also afterwards MP (1784 onwards) for Newport. On his election the unsuccessful candidate, Mr. John Harrington, petitioned the House against the validity of his return on the ground of his being in Holy Orders. A Select Committee was appointed to consider it, and reported that Mr. Rushworth had been "duly elected to serve in this Parliament". Afterwards, in order to get rid of Horne Tooke, an Act was passed disqualifying all the clergy of the Church of England from sitting in the House of Commons. This Act took effect in 1802.


Obituary in The Gentleman¡¯s Magazine, Vol.88 Part 1, 1818.

EDWARD RUSHWORTH, ESQ. b. At Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Edward Rushworth, esq. of Farringfordhill, and mayor of Yarmouth. He was seized with apoplexy while sitting on a bench, conversing with a friend, on the Quay at Yarmouth; a medical gentleman was on the spot, who bled him, and caused him to be carried to the George Inn, where he lingered from Monday till Wednesday, when he expired. The death of this truly respectable gentleman excited a sensation of the deepest regret in all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Mr. Rushworth was many years representative in Parliament for the Boroughs of Yarmouth and Newport, and was much esteemed for the independence of his character and for his intellectual endowment!;. He was a gentleman of pure and virtuous principles, steadily and zealously attached to the Establishment in Church and State, and eminently distinguished for a sense of duty in every relation of life. He was an intelligent and useful Magistrate, a good father, an affectionate husband, a kind master, and a firm friend:¡ª On the day of his funeral the shops and private houses in the town were closed (a circumstance, sufficiently expressive to mark the estimation of his high character). In the immediate neighbourhood of his late residence, his death is an event which will be long and deeply lamented, and by it the community at large have lost the benefit of a valuable example. Mr. Rushworth married the Hon. Catherine Holmes, daughter of the late Lord Holmes, by whom he had a large family. His son and heir is married to a daughter of Sir Everard Home; one of his daughters married to Col. Murray, Deputy-adjutant-general in Ireland, and another to Sir John Pringle Dalrymple, bart.; and he was father of the late gallant Capt. Rushworth, of the Barbadoes frigate.



5. Hon. Catharine HOLMES, daughter of Lord Leonard Troughear HOLMES and Elizabeth TYRRELLL, was born in 1765. She was baptised on 20 September 1765 in Newport, Isle of Wight. She had the title 'Hon.'. She died on 9 December 1829 in Bowcombe Cottage.


2nd daughter.


Edward RUSHWORTH and Catharine HOLMES had the following children:


Catherine RUSHWORTH (1781- ). Catherine was born on 16 November 1781.

Elizabeth RUSHWORTH (1783-1865). Elizabeth was born on 15 October 1783. She married James Patrick 2 MURRAY on 31 January 1803 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight. She died on 15 November 1865 in Benowen, Ireland.

Holmes Jervoise RUSHWORTH (1785- ). Holmes was born on 26 September 1785.

Edward RUSHWORTH (1787- ). Edward was born on 11 August 1787.

Mary RUSHWORTH (1789- ). Mary was born on 27 May 1789. She married John Pringle DALRYMPLE on 20 December 1807 in Freshwater Church.


Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH (1791- )

unk RUSHWORTH (1792-1792). unk was born on 21 November 1792. She died on 21 November 1792.

Jane RUSHWORTH (1793- ). Jane was born on 31 October 1793.

Leonard RUSHWORTH (1796- ). Leonard was born on 19 July 1796.

Henry RUSHWORTH (1798-1819). Henry was born on 28 April 1798. He was a Lieutenant in the Indian ArmyS. He died in July 1819 in India.

Anne RUSHWORTH (1800- ). Anne was born on 9 February 1800.

Margaret RUSHWORTH (1802- ). Margaret was born on 20 February 1802.

unk RUSHWORTH (1804-1804). unk was born on 2 May 1804. She died on 2 May 1804.