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Rosamond RUSHWORTH ( - )

1. Rosamond Linda RUSHWORTH, daughter of Edward Everard RUSHWORTH DAV, AMG (1818-1877) and Amelia Adelaide NELSON ( - ), married Cecil Evan SMITH.

Second Generation

2. Edward Everard RUSHWORTH DAV, AMG, son of Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH and Mary Elizabeth UNK, was born on 23 August 1818. He was a Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. He died on 10 August 1877 in Shortwood, Jamaica. He married Amelia Adelaide NELSON.


3. Amelia Adelaide NELSON, daughter of Horatio NELSON de Lesderniers, died "20th Aug 1867".


"of Vaudreuil, Lower Canada".


Edward Everard RUSHWORTH and Amelia Adelaide NELSON had the following children:



Rosamond Linda RUSHWORTH ( - )

Third Generation

4. Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH, son of Edward RUSHWORTH and Hon. Catharine HOLMES, was born on 23 February 1791. He married Mary Elizabeth UNK.


St James's Church, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England:

In memory of Edward Everard Rushworth DAV, AMG, Lieut. Governor of Jamaica, edest son of Charles Powlett and Mary Elizabeth Rushworth of farringford, Freshwater, born August 23rd 1818, died August 10th 1877 at Shortwood, Jamaica, and Amelia Adelaide his wife, daughter of Horatio Nelson de Les Derniers Edqr. of Vaudreuil, Lower Canada, died August 20th 1867. This tablet is erected by their daughter Rosamond Linda, wife of revd. Cecil Evan Smith, Rector of Titsey, Surrey. Also in memory of her brother, Charles Edward Rushworth, Midshipman HMS Agincourt, born August 6th 1859, accidentally drowned in Besika Bay, December 21st 1877 while saving the life of a member of the crew.


5. Mary Elizabeth UNK has few details recorded about her. She and Charles Powlett RUSHWORTH had the following children:



Edward Everard RUSHWORTH (1818-1877)

Charles Edward RUSHWORTH ( -1877). Charles was a Sailor. He died on 21 December 1877 in Besika Bay.


6. Horatio NELSON de Lesderniers has few details recorded about him.


Horatio NELSON had the following children:



Amelia Adelaide NELSON ( - )