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Robert WINCHELL (1918- )

1. Robert E WINCHELL, son of James E WINCHELL ( - ) and Marion MCLEOD (1882-1927), was born in 1918.


Robert E WINCHELL had the following children:


Kim E WINCHELL (1954- ). Kim was born in 1954.

Second Generation

2. James E WINCHELL was born. He died. He married Marion MCLEOD.


3. Marion MCLEOD, daughter of Robert A MCLEOD and Elizabeth Rushworth MURRAY, was born on 8 July 1882. She died in 1927. She and James E WINCHELL had the following children:



Robert E WINCHELL (1918- )

Third Generation

4. Robert A MCLEOD was born circa 1853. He died in 1933. He married Elizabeth Rushworth MURRAY.


Robert A. Mcleod, may have served in Custer's Army but we know nothing concrete except that he who was born in Scotland and we believe immigrated to the US through Canada. On his death certificate his father is listed as John Mcleod, born Scotland. (Kim E Winchell). McLeod was "of Cleveland Ohio".


5. Elizabeth Rushworth MURRAY, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Alexander MURRAY and Mary Ann BELTZHOOVER, was born in 1859. She died in 1949.


Elizabeth and Robert lived in Cleveland, Ohio and upon his passing, Elizabeth lived with her daughter, Katherine Elizabeth Neuman, until her passing in 1949. Elizabeth was "of Carlisle, PA".


Robert A MCLEOD and Elizabeth Rushworth MURRAY had the following children:



Marion MCLEOD (1882-1927)

Catherine Morrison MCLEOD (1883-1983). Catherine was born on 6 December 1883 in Cleveland, Ohio. She died in November 1983.