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Royston CARPENTER ( - )

1. Royston CARPENTER, son of Edward G CARPENTER ( - ) and Vera Rose AUSTIN ( - ), was an Automobile Dealer, Manager of Family Business.

Second Generation

2. Edward G CARPENTER, son of James Edward Jr. CARPENTER and Hilda Maude SHIRES, married Vera Rose AUSTIN.


3. Vera Rose AUSTIN has few details recorded about her. She and Edward G CARPENTER had the following children:



Royston CARPENTER ( - )

Third Generation

4. James Edward Jr. CARPENTER (also known as Edward James Jr. CARPENTER), son of James CARPENTER and Emily HURLOCK, was born in 1876 (calculated). He was a Commercial Traveller. He married Hilda Maude SHIRES in 1917.


5. Hilda Maude SHIRES was the daughter of unk SHIRES.


Was a very good pianist, and played for Vesta Victoria, who was famous for singing "Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow" and "There was I waiting at the church".


James Edward Jr. CARPENTER and Hilda Maude SHIRES had the following children:


Edgar CARPENTER ( - )


Edward G CARPENTER ( - )