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Celesia DEANE (aft1836- )

1. Celesia DEANE, daughter of unk DEANE ( - ) and Cecilia UNK (c. 1812- ), was born between 1836 and 1837 in Eye, Suffolk. She married Robert James FRENCH.


Robert James FRENCH and Celesia DEANE had the following children:


Margaret FRENCH (frm1861- ). Margaret was born from 1861 to 1862 in India. She was a Painter.

Frances Kate FRENCH (1867-1961). Frances was born in 1867 in India. She died in 1961 in Sutton, Surrey.

Cecilia Maud FRENCH (aft1873- ). Cecilia was born between 1873 and 1874 in Mauritius.

Second Generation

2. unk DEANE was born in Welby, Suffolk. He was a Tradesman. He married Cecilia UNK.


3. Cecilia UNK was born circa 1812 in Welby. She and unk DEANE had the following children:



Celesia DEANE (aft1836- )