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Idwal (916-942)

1. Idwal Foel, son of Anarawd, Prince of Gwynedd ( -916), was born in 0916. He died in 0942. He married Avandreg.


Idwal submitted to Edward the Elder of England from 918-37. Gwynedd was ruled by Hywel Dda of Deheubarth from 942-50.


Avandreg of Powys was the daughter of Merfyn KING OF POWYS ( - ). She and Idwal Foel had the following children:



Meurig ( -986)

Second Generation

2. Meurig, son of Idwal Foel and Avandreg of Powys, died in 0986.


Meurig had the following children:




Third Generation

3. Idwal KING OF NORTH WALES, son of Meurig, died in 0996.


... or Idwad?


Idwal KING OF NORTH WALES had the following children:



Iago (c. 974-1039). Iago was born circa 0974. He had the title 'Prince of Gwynedd'. He died in 1039.