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Anarawd, ( -916)

1. Anarawd, Prince of Gwynedd, son of Rhodri Mawr ( -878), died in 0916.


He became Prince of Gwynedd in 878.


Anarawd, Prince of Gwynedd had the following children:



Idwal Foel (916-942)

Second Generation

2. Idwal Foel, son of Anarawd, Prince of Gwynedd, was born in 0916. He died in 0942. He married Avandreg.


Idwal submitted to Edward the Elder of England from 918-37. Gwynedd was ruled by Hywel Dda of Deheubarth from 942-50.


Avandreg of Powys was the daughter of Merfyn KING OF POWYS ( - ). She and Idwal Foel had the following children:



Meurig ( -986)

Third Generation

3. Meurig, son of Idwal Foel and Avandreg of Powys, died in 0986.


Meurig had the following children:



Idwal KING OF NORTH WALES ( -996). Idwal died in 0996.