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Alfhind (c. 794- )

1. Alfhind, daughter of Alfarin KING OF ALVHEIM ( - ), was born circa 0794. She married Gudrod "Hunterking" KING IN WESTFOLD.


Gudrod "Hunterking" KING IN WESTFOLD, son of Halfdan "the Meek", "the Bounteous" KING IN WESTFOLD ( - ) and Hlif Daysdatter ( - ), was born circa 0790. He died in 0821. He and Alfhind had the following children:



Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD (c. 800-c. 840)

Second Generation

2. Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD, son of Gudrod "Hunterking" KING IN WESTFOLD and Alfhind, was born circa 0800. He died circa 0840.


Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD had the following children:



"Higher than Hills" King RANALD ( - )

Third Generation

3. "Higher than Hills" King RANALD was the son of Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD.


"Higher than Hills" King RANALD had the following children:



Godfrey KING (OF DUBLIN) (?) ( -873). Godfrey died in 0873.