Alfarin KING OF ALVHEIM ( - )

1. Alfarin KING OF ALVHEIM has few details recorded about him.


Alfarin KING OF ALVHEIM had the following children:



Alfhind (c. 794- )

Second Generation

2. Alfhind, daughter of Alfarin KING OF ALVHEIM, was born circa 0794. She married Gudrod "Hunterking" KING IN WESTFOLD.


Gudrod "Hunterking" KING IN WESTFOLD, son of Halfdan "the Meek", "the Bounteous" KING IN WESTFOLD ( - ) and Hlif Daysdatter ( - ), was born circa 0790. He died in 0821. He and Alfhind had the following children:



Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD (c. 800-c. 840)

Third Generation

3. Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD, son of Gudrod "Hunterking" KING IN WESTFOLD and Alfhind, was born circa 0800. He died circa 0840.


Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD had the following children:



"Higher than Hills" King RANALD ( - )