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Margaret MURRAY (c. 1446- )

1. Margaret MURRAY, daughter of Patrick MURRAY of Philiphaugh ( - ), was born circa 1446. She married James STEWART.


Margaret Murray was James' mistress, but their children were subsequently legitimized by a royal charter issued in 1488-1489.


James STEWART and Margaret MURRAY had the following children:


James STEWART (1480-1513). James was born in 1480. He had the title '1st Baron (Laird) of Traquhair'. He married Catherine RUTHERFORD on 9 November 1505. He died on 9 September 1513 in Battle of Flodden.

Agnes STEWART ( -1557). Agnes died in February 1557.

Second Generation

2. Patrick MURRAY of Philiphaugh has few details recorded about him.


... a distinguished family in the county of Selkirk.


Patrick MURRAY had the following children:



Margaret MURRAY (c. 1446- )